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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 22, 2011

I love Mondays, we don’t have to travel and it’s just a day to get it together. The day started out so bad. My hair didn't catch on fire actually. I was curling my hair and the curling iron continued to heat up. I wasn’t aware of it until I rolled this one curl and it frizzed and the curling iron started to smoke. It was toast. I turned it off, brushed out my hair and a big clump of frizzled hair brushed out. I just started to cry because that is the only way I had of doing my hair in the mornings. After we had morning prayers I knew Heavenly Father would help me. We had previously looked all over for a large barrel curling iron without any luck. African people do not use curling irons; their hair is so different and if they do they only use small barrels. That is why it was so hard to find one and I continued to use my old one.

Victor took us (a member taxi driver)to two places in the old part of Nairobi (hair supply houses) and sure enough there was one. It cost me $60 and the one I bought in Utah was $9. Anyway Dad was good about it because I was so upset. I felt so relieved and blessed. . . I bought 2.

Picture of paper towel where I lay ed the hot smoking curling iron and a portion of the hair that fried and fell out. I brushed the rest out and did not try to retrieve it all.

We are now working on a simplified family history sheet for the members to fill out. They are losing so much history with the loss of their parents. Many of the older adults do not know who their father is. We feel this will be a benefit for future temple work as well as a wonderful history for future families.

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The Ballard's said...

Did I tell you about the time I went to get my hair cut and I kept having a prompting that I should leave. I stayed in the waiting room and this kid came out. He was paying for his haircut and I could see she had shaved his neck down to where the cape was and there was still so much hair below where the cape had been. He still needed a haircut. I grabbed my companions hand and we left right as they called my name. We found a little salon and I got one of the best haircuts ever. Then, I never found that salon again. I knew right were it had been, but it was not there... He really knows just what we need. I am so happy for you. I hope it lasts forever!! Gracie's hair is still a mess from family pictures.