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Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 16-18th, 2011

Tuesday classes at Killili started an hour late because many came late. Sometimes I feel like I run the entertainment with the keyboard class. They all love to play them. I can only see two that have some real intent. The temple class is always my favorite I love to hear their questions. Sister Jamaneena Davis brought Dad some fruit (later he found a worm in his orange and had to throw the rest away). When we arrived home we changed our clothes and went for a walk.

Wednesday Mitini Branch. We had a good trip, picked up the Elders after we left meat for them and headed to the chapel. I had three people at five keyboards. Needless to say it was a circus. The people who do know a little more and have had more experience just want to play and not help the others along. I felt like a pre-school teacher trying to help everyone and referee at the same time. Again the temple class was great. They are so humble and want to go to the temple. They have many challenges to work through. Many are not married legally.

When we arrived home we walked to the city center. The exhaust fumes were terrible. It is so hard to know how to handle the beggars. One man told dad he didn’t give him enough. I wore a pink shirt and levis but I will never do that again the women wear nice clothes here. 75% look quite professional. If they do wear levis it is with a classy pair of heels. So I learned a big lesson. They look at all white skin people like they are in the way.

Thursday At Kyambeke Branch we had a smaller number at the key board. I had 4 men and 2 younger girls. The men have a real hard time with stiff fingers. They can’t roll their fingers along five keys. We had to work on cupping their fingers and hitting the keys with the pads of their fingers. They were so cute and really tried. Of course the young sisters took off and helped each other.
Elder Megenella (glasses) is leaving to go home. He has been an assistant and speaks four languages and his girl friend is on a mission in England. He as kind and enthusiastic as he is talented. Watch for Elder Magenelli to be a future Church leader in Africa. We love him and the mission will miss his drive. Notice my laso/wrap, the sisters love that I wear it.

Friday An Adventure Day in Nairobi

We went with the Byrd’s to the Kazuri Bead factory. The factory began in 1975 as a tiny workshop making handmade beads. Driven by the desire to create full time work for single disadvantaged, mothers (Many live in the slums and have Aids) Kazuri beads are all hand made and painted. Their beads and jewelry are sold in many countries with the United States buying 50% of their stock.

The Byrd’s are so fun to be with and are so brave. They travel all around and have been to all the fun sights in Nairobi. After we got groceries we stopped and had Chinese food.

We are home now. Our lunch is packed and ready for tomorrow. Dad is reading “Safe Journey” by Glenn L Pace. It is so great. I couldn’t put it down. I read it in two days because I wanted him to read it so we could talk about it. It really was a tender mercy to me and has given me a better perspective of our mission here in Africa.

I also have some pictures of another construction sight by us that Dad wanted you all to see. *

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bvcottle said...

Oops, I should have looked at the rest of the blog before I wondered if you really left with Sharon. Bruce, you are actually in a bunch of pictures.