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Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

We had a great day today. We got up and talked with a couple of our girls on G-Chat. We heard that the Olsen’s from Pleasant View are coming to Nairobi for their mission Whoot! Whoot!. We won’t be the inexperienced new-ies anymore. Well we will still be inexperienced but maybe we can help them a little. We went to Monday devotional at the Mission Office and picked up four keyboards to take around to the different branches this week. We then went to the Junction (Fancy Mall) and Dad let me do a lot of window shopping, which I love. Then we went up to another level and had KFC Chicken. It was almost like home. It had only been opened for 5 days and super crowded.

They had fountain drinks that were at least cold but no ice. The fellow said the coleslaw was out of commission, no coleslaw at this time. The chicken was good and the bun was better than any bread we have eaten. The catsup was still more like sweet and sour sauce but it tasted so good to us. They had one area where you washed and dried your hands which is what every store in Nairobi needs. It is dirty and dusty. We bought groceries at the Nuka matt, and then we came home. I started the laundry and made some Rice Krispie Squares. The marshmallows here are weird but it works somewhat. We need some treats to put in our lunches this week. Tonight is family home evening. We go to the Byrd's flat tonight.

P.S. If you remember the picture of the building with the sticks for scaffling which everyone uses here? Well look what happened to it.

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Elder and Sister Asay said...

So funny - I made Rice Crispy Treats this week too! Our marshmallows are pink and white with a different flavor but they tasted almost as good as the SNICKERS bar we found for 2 smackers! Life is good :)