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Thursday, April 5, 2012

March 27-30, 2012

One week a month, we schedule "family visits" and they are my favorite. I can send some pictures but I can't send the experiences and spirit. It really brings you closer to the members to see where they live and share some time with them. The pictures pretty much tell the story and I will add some captions. The days were long and we didn’t get back to Nairobi until late. By Friday night we were exhausted but so happy for the memories. Today as we were coming down out of the mountains (very steep narrow roads) towards Kyambeke, Bruce said "how would you ever explain today to someone"? And that is the truth you just can't.

Tuesday was transfers in the Kenya Nairobi Mission and history was set. Nineteen new missionaries came in, making a total of 104 young elders. What a busy time for the office. We brought in 2 Elders from the Hills and when we got into Nairobi the Assistance’s were gone with the new elders and no key to their apartment for the transferring elders. So we had seven elders at our home from six to nine-thirty. We had fun with them, made grilled cheese sandwiches, pop-corn, juice and snicker doodle cookies. It was fun just to hear all their experiences and where they had been assigned and with whom. Fun Night.

Ilima Visit: Singing with Sister Elizabeth, her parents and some of their grandchildren.
Fredrick and Bernice preparing a pumpkin for us to take home
Jacinta and John are getting a cooking room or kitchen
Sister Anna fed us grand peas and rice
Bruce with Sister Francisca's Children
We met in Sister Francisca's bed room and sat on the edge of the bed the box on the table is her storage for all her important papers. On the wall are many pictures from church. She served us boiled eggs and bread.
At Kilili Bruce helped Christopher and Jacinta do some planting
At Sister Magnaline home she prepared seats for us
Sister Magnaline and her sister-in-law Jacinta and their younger children. Holding hands, it just felt so sweet.
Pictures from Sister Anna Jacobs home. She is the Young Women's President.
Even in Kenya cell-phones are a necessity

Our Mitini Visit was with a large group of neighbors and friends including some investigators.
Priesthood checking out the view.
Sisters getting ready for a song and prayer
Pictures of the Elders the eve of Transfers. We sure love them


Emilee Keyes said...

I think the best part of your experiences is seeing dad's face when he talks about the cats and the dogs. It is something that I do all the time with out even realizing it.

Jill said...

Love seeing my son again on your blog! It made my day! He looks so skinny but I'm trying not to worry. With a smile like that, you can't worry too much right!