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Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 1-7, 2012

Sunday evening we all met at the Mission Home (Broadbent’s) with Elder and Sister Hartman. The Hartman’s are the Mental Health and Wellness couple of the South East African Area. He is also the author of the “Color Code”. We had a fun evening with him as he did fun activities to help us learn how to work with others in relationships. He and his wife are very fun and enthusiastic.

Hurray for the crops, it finally rained. Of course everyone is praying that the rains continue but we have to admit we hope it rains at night in the hills, so by morning the roads are somewhat drivable. The people wait until it rains to plant so the seeds will not germinate early and then die. So this week our class attendance was very low but for a good reason. Even with small classes we had good participation and felt a warm spirit. Friday on our return from Ilima, we stopped by Mitini and shared lunch prepared for a Relief Society and Priesthood Meeting. I have started to enjoy those chapattis.

We postponed FHE until Wednesday this week. It was our turn and we had a special lesson on the Atonement. We read scriptures, shared our feeling and testimonies with each other. It was powerful and we felt good about it. It has helped me the rest of the week.

Sister's at Mitini waiting for lunch
Sister at Mitini with Bruce preparing lunch. He wouldn't do that at home.
Easter Family Home Evening at our Flat D1
The happy priesthood class at Kyambeke. I made them brownies.
Stopped at the Primary School in Kyabeke, most are so afraid of Mazunga's or white people.
Sweet Lucy brought us a big cluster of bananas for us to enjoy.
We had our own little safari one morning on the way to Kilungu Hills, giraffes with mom and baby wildebeest's then a group of Zebras.

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Jill said...

Maurice tells me the bananas are amazing! I love seeing your hubby make chapottis! The Hartman's sent me a little video with him in it and I just cried! It was Easter morning! What a great gift. I don't realize how much I miss him until I hear his voice! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with the Hartman's. I read a bit of their blog as well. They have a lot of crazy adventures like you!!!