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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 31, 2012

Saturday we (five couples) were able to go to the Orphanage in the Soweta Slums and deliver 40 new desks. Then we all got to work and helped the students paint. They were so happy and really wanted to be involved. There was such a feeling of service and love. Elder Tuttle said that the students have taken alot of ownership with the school and their humble dormitory and they seem happier. What a blessing to be with them.

Picking up the desks at a carpentry shop.
One hammer, one plane, and one saw... that is all they had.
They just loved helping
This little guy is so cute you just couldn't forget him.
This little one's mother is in jail. She left this baby and a brother 3 at the orphanage. Steven could not turn them away.

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Stephanie Hall said...

It is so fun to read about your mission. I don't think I could be there with a smile on my face like you always seem to have. It makes me feel so blessed to live here and have clothes, food and water for my family without hardly a thought! Alyssa (my 2 year old) was looking at the blog with me, she thinks that Bruce is her Grandpa! It was fun for her to see the pictures of giraffes and zebras too!