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Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 23rd- April 28th

We were able to experience the Masai Mara Safari with three other couples this week.   We left Tuesday and returned on Thursday evening.  I loved the company.  A mission is a place you can instantly have friends.  We flew in a small aircraft but it was quite smooth. The accommodations were very nice and you literally stayed in a tent but you can see from the picture it was amazing and very nice.  (I loved having a wake-up call with hot cocoa).  The river water was high and it rained a lot but that kept the bugs and flies down.  We had the same driver for all drives out.  They were very well informed and entertaining. The food was very good, served very fancy, and there was sooo much of it.  We had a nice time and came home with many wonderful memories.  We are thankful for the opportunity.

By Saturday we were back on the road again to Kilunga Hills where we had 13 baptisms from Mitini and Kyambeke Branches.  Next week Ilima will have another large group to be baptized three adults and many children.    We love our mission and the good people.  We feel very blessed.
We saw so many but these are some we haven't seen before...

A lion waiting patiently for his lunch

The rain caused the flash flooding in the river.  Our guide told us the driver would be sacked (fired) and it would be many days before the truck could be retrieved.
Our flight home


Janet said...

thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos of your great adventure.
Janet Taysom

Don Tucker said...

It's too bad your members can't have tents like the ones you stayed in on Safari. I feel sad about the conditions they live in.

Aly said...

What company was your Safari through? Looking into it... after seeing your photos, I think we may regret NOT going if we are all the way in Africa already! :)

Jill said...

What an incredible get away! You deserve it!!