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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 16-22, 2012

It rained very hard for 6 hours yesterday evening.  The long rains have definitely started.  I’ve found the rain here to be quite opposite of Hawaii where the rain was soft with wispy drops.  Here in Nairobi it is a down pour and the drops are splashes.   The thunder and lightning made quite a fuss but it was almost magical.  I enjoyed watching it.

Our week was busy and safe.  Tuesday and Wednesday we held our usual classes.  Thursday was especially fun as we met with the seminary and institute members from three of our four branches (Kilili could not come in to Kyambeke because of lack of funds for transport, darn).  Once we got started we had a gospel message, competitive session of foot-ball/soccer, youth conf. planning, testimony meeting and then lunch.   It was a great experience.  Bruce was the goalie for the football/soccer game but I couldn’t get a good picture.  He was funny. Then on Friday we had a strong family class at Ilima.  Many came and they enjoyed the game we played.  We try to make everything we do very simple for them to do at home.  We try to emphasise having fun with your family.
Sunday when we went to Kilili we took family pictures for the Branch Book.  We have more all the time writing their personal histories.  That is the only way they get their family picture.  Works Great!   We also had New Beginnings after church.  There was close to 20 girls as those in boarding school were home for a break.

Mitini priesthood member digging way down for soil samples.  They are hoping for approval on a new church building. Bruce tried to trick me and told me they were digging new toilets wholes.  
Family Class game at Ilima. They love games

They wanted Bruce to be the goalie
Soccer is called football here and it's big

We were surprised how intense the game got.
After dividing up into 4 groups they shared ideas for Youth Conference
Sometimes these girls are very shy and sometimes they are hilarious.  They like to tease Elder Hall 
The best part of YW New Beginnings Chapattis, Soda, and some Banana Cake.
Ester and Samuel have 16 children and they are preparing to go to the temple


emily ballard said...

Love the pictures!

Don Tucker said...

I would think Bruce would start to show his age with a little grey hair. You both look so good and fresh.

Jill said...

Those chapotties my son always talks about, do look pretty good! He says he's gonna come back and make those instead of flour tortillas for tacos! ;)