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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a few more... March 24, 2012

Who knew RS could be so FUN

I must hurry and add today in the journal. We went to Kyambeke for the Relief Society Celebration. It was well attended and after three speakers they had games. Oh how funny. “Do you love your Neighbor” was quite dangerous and the sisters were very competitive. Then we went outside to play grass games. Those that volunteered ran sack races and half-way down the path they had to stop, drink a soda and half a bag of bread (6) slices and then run to the finish line. We did this activity with two different sets of women. Hilarious! They all laughed and cheered. Then we linked arms and talked about supporting one another. Peanut-butter sandwiches and soda were the refreshments. It lasted three hours but it was so fun.

" Do you Love your Neighbor" laughing and giggling and PUSHING
Sack races were wild, half way they had to stop and eat bread and soda!
The audience of all ages had a great time.
We linked arms in support of the Kyambeke Relief Society
See the big pot on the floor,there was two that sizes filled with sandwiches. . . Gone in a FLASH!


The Ballard's said...

That is awesome. I wish we played games like that at RS. I love that they did the sack races. You wouldn't get very good response with that in my ward. I know I wouldn't do it.

Janet said...

I love reading your blog, and seeing the pictures!
Janet Taysom, Elder Andrew Taysom's mom

Jill said...

Now that looks fun! Ours was really boring!(but don't tell anyone! ;) So proud of being in RS though! I have a strong testimony about Visiting Teaching! How is the VT Program doing in AFrica?

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell