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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 30th 2012

This weekend we went on another 2 ½ hour Saturday morning walk, worked on histories, went to Niavasha for Sunday and attended a Public Affair Banquet with Kenya dignitaries and Church representatives from South Africa.   It seems that our missionary experiences have such great contrasts.  Today, Tuesday we went visiting at Kilili, visiting 3 homes. The conditions were so meager; some were ill, one was blind and two with new born babies.  There has been some church relief food but there is no rain relief in sight for their shamba’s/gardens.  We shared the 13 Articles of Faith Card with them and Brother John helped with some translation.   We left to return to Nairobi feeling helpless and sad.  President Broadbent told us we were not here to overcome poverty but to strengthen them with the gospel, but as we drove into the nice apartment compound in Nairobi I just felt selfish.   We have been without electricity for two days now and we think we have it hard.   
Tonight another couple is headed for home.  We will have a dinner at the Broadbent’s before they leave for the airport tonight at 9:00. 
The apartment compound we live in at Nairobi
Looking out our back window

After a three hour drive to Kilili, you see a real extreme comparison in life-style
The long basket hanging from the tree is the kitchen cupboard and on the right side is a new goat barn

First child born to this mother and she has little food and asked for a hat (called monkey face hat)for the baby.  I got her two.
 An older sister who is having trouble breathing. Her daughter has no money to go to the dispensary. She showed me a large sore in her mouth. I'm sure she needs her tooth pulled out. 
Very young mother with her mother-in-law and new baby.  The mother in-law delivered the baby in their hut.


The White's said...

Mom this was a great post. It was sad and true and empowering. I'm glad you and Dad are their to bring smiles and share your testimony and strength.
How is it that no rain gets to the hills but it rained at your house got a week, I would of thought some rain we sprinkle there.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! So glad my son got to spend some time with you! He is in Tanzania. Its so different there!

MM to Elder Maxwell

Anonymous said...

OH, and btw, Thank you so much for being so faithful and dedicated to this blog! The couple missionaries in his area rarely post anything! Even though my son is not in the area anymore it is a source of strength and help for me to support my son in africa! So thankful for you being in my son's life!!

MM to Elder Maxwell