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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th 2012

Last Monday we put together our first history book.  It was pretty exciting and by Thursday we had 11 completed.   We still have more to bind but we can only do it when it’s our Prep Days.  We are so happy and feel relieved.  Now we just have a lot of person histories to type us but they will continue to come in until the last of December. 

This week was Thanksgiving and Couples Mission Conference.  All the couples came in from their areas.  Some drove, others had to fly in.  Some came for five days others just three.  We enjoyed everyone so much and it was fun and inspiring.  Thursday we ate great food and Friday we met together for our meetings.   Those of us who live in Nairobi, tried to take others to fun places and do a little sightseeing on Wednesday and Saturday.  Three couples wanted to come with us to Kilungu Hills Sunday for church.  We were more than happy to show off our people as we visited the Kyambeke Branch.  By the time everyone left for home Sunday night, Bruce and I were really tired but it was an added sweet experience to our mission. 

 The collected history of Kilunga and Kilili Branches is finally copied and bound and ready to read.   I was almost as happy as delivering a new baby and Bruce was maybe more happy
 When it rains the termites come out full force.  The Kenyon's love to eat them live. This young man was collecting them at the church and he was just so pleased with his treasure.
Singing the KNM song with the Broadbents and the Assistants at our Couples Mission Conference.
Some of us visited the Kenya Nairobi Museum on Saturday.  It was wonderful ( smelled clean too)

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Fox said...

Glad your books are about done, that is such an amazing thing. I'm excited to see one.
I'm so glad to be an American- that picture of the bugs made me heave that is so so gross.