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Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 18th 2012

Ilima’s Primary Program was so great.  After the Primary President said her introduction the children ran the show.  All talks were memorized and the many songs were clear, loud, and led by different children.  They get nervous and start going fast but it was so enjoyable to watch and listen.  This year’s theme “Choose the Right” was such an important one for life.  These kids love primary and the gospel.  While the program was going on, the rain poured down outside and everyone was happy because it means the shambas will continue to grow.  By the time we started home the sun was out and the roads weren’t too bad.

This week we received a needed and appreciated text from a young man from Kyambeke branch.  He has been home from his mission to Uganda for 16 months and is serving as the Elders Quorum President (oh yes and he is in love but until he talks with her father it is a secret).  I want to share it on the blog so I will have it always.

“It was such a great day for us today priesthood class was awesome Matthew 25 has never been as live to us as it became today, family classes have become indispensable to us last week’s lesson was not only teaching us about forgiveness but it also served as a healer of our hearts. Today it was another great strength to our families. Thank you so much Onesmus” 

Our hearts were so full and encouraged.  Sometimes you are not sure you are making a difference.

Ilima Primay after their program.  The rain had finally cleared.

Bruce feeding the monkeys Saturday as we were on a morning walk at the Arboretum Park.

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Aly said...

Love that photo of the kids! They are so sweet. And I know that everything you are doing there is making a difference!