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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12th 2012

 It is Cowboy Dean’s birthday today.  We have been blessed with great son-in-laws that are just right for the girl/daughter they married.  We love all four of them.  Happy Birthday Dean, I’ll buy you some cold Chocolate Milk when we get home!

I keep saying the History is about finished but it really is, twenty four pages of history information and seventy-five pages of pictures.  We have had it edited and check and rechecked.  We have hit a snag because we need to combine the two (information with pictures).   Hopefully we can find someone to help us.  We have 163 personal histories all typed and in branch books so little by little we are bringing things to a close.  We don’t talk about coming home a lot even though we have seven weeks left.  Other couples say it is so bitter sweet and we can already feel that.  Classes are going really well and we appreciate their commitment to come each week.  Shamba’s/gardens are growing and we hope moderate rain will continue for them.  We sure love the saints and have a great respect for them.
This little girl is Purity, her sister Marcie is to the side.  You have probably seen her on our blog before.  Her mother made this doll for her and she loves it so much.  Her mother is confused in the head but is expecting her ninth baby very soon.  It is a sad situation.  Because she is the oldest girl, Purity is given so much work.  She doesn't get to go to school because there is no money for school fees.  When there is money the brother go. 
We have come to love the different types of trees and their great colors
This first tree is the closest thing to a pine tree in Utah.
These are the Kenya skys as the rain rolls in.  As we drive I just love to watch the clouds and how they change.  I hope I can remember how amazing they are.


Fox said...

O I love that little girl you should bring her home to me.

Aly said...

Love all of this! Sweet Purity and her siblings. I am glad to hear that the shambas are growing. I have been thinking about them. No picture of a jacaranda tree? Great hoots and memories.