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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012

Monday we attended the homecoming of Dominic Kaseve (Mitinit Branch President’s son).  As family and friends went to meet the Elder in Nairobi they forgot to leave the keys to the church yard.  Thus no cooking could be done. So when everyone came to the church to greet, there was no food.  I told President Kaseve not to feel so badly that we could just have bread and juice and reminded him that we had brought 45 liters of juice and the cups.  Well dumb me, he went to the market and bought 110 loaves of bread, some bagged rolls (amazing that they had all that in the small shop)and brought the receipt to me.  “Here Sister Hall you may pay now”   WOW I was taken back.  That is about $65 in American money.  I looked at Bruce and he return with a “You shouldn’t have opened your mouth” look.  So pretty much we furnished the Missionary Party at Mitini.  The best part is that we were privileged to bring Catherine Makau and James Muthini Muthokoa to the mission office in Nairobi where they would report for their mission to Zambia. They were so humble and nervous.  Catherine told me she had malaria.  I think she was just upset and her head ached.   Both mothers were very teary, which you seldom see African women show their emotions.  James is the last born in his family and Catherine is the oldest girl.   They will be wonderful missionaries. 
 James and his mother Josephine. 

Catherine and her mother Anus before we left to take her into Nairobi for her Zambia mission.

Our daughter had back surgery on Wednesday.  We were both so pleased that our kids had a “Back to Back” party for her on Monday.  Her husband Mike gave her a blessing and then they all started a fast.  I love how our children have been so supportive to each other while we are away and especially happy that they have faith and testimonies of the gospel.

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Gloria said...

Your family is wonderful. I am so glad to be connected to them, in a way. That was so thoughtful to have a back party for her. They sure miss you two!