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Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

The last of November was family visits and again it was a priceless experience.  We treasure these memories.  We did a lot of climbing up the mountainside and I think I’m getting stronger.  Each day, the weather was pleasant and coolish and that helped.  We would come home very tired and happy when it was time to climb into bed.  Saturday we again traveled out to the Hills for the baptism of five youth and nine adults (from three branches).   The men, who were baptized, speak English and will be such an added force to their area.  Wow it is growing so fast.  I just get so happy and the spirit is strong at these meetings.  Our Elders are just the best.  Transfers were Saturday and although we are losing four wonderful elders, we are also gaining four more and this will be the group of elders that we will spend Christmas with out in the Hills.  It will be an amazing day. 

We had a special surprise last Friday when Johannesburg Temple sent an email to the office saying because of  a cancellation there was an opening December 27th for the Mitini/Kyambeke Temple Group.  So we must quickly apply for Visa’s and get the family histories updated.  I am elated and Bruce is pretty overwhelmed but we both know it is a blessing that will conclude our mission.  
Members from Ilima picking up their relief food at the Kyambeke Chapel.  Athough they had to carry it up steep hills to their homes, they we so happy to get food.
 These are the four future missionaries waiting for their calls.

Some of our favorite family visit pictures in November


Fox said...

These are some of my favortie pictures so far, I just love them.

The Ballard's said...

I can't believe you hike the hills in those shoes. These really are some good pictures.

Aly said...

Look at the shambas! That is so exciting to see. Such great photos. I know they were so happy for their food, even though they had to haul it so far...Wow! They are such amazing, strong people. So excited you get to go to the temple. We areraying that everything goes well with paperwork and planning.

Elder Mangenela said...

I am soooo excited about the temple trip. Please let me know as much as you can since I can then come and meet them at the temple. I am also excited about all my friends waiting for mission calls

Elder Mangenela