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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21, 2012

Thursday we were able to hand out 11 Family Home Evening Books during class at Kaymbeke.  We stayed in Nairobi Friday for our Prep Day, getting a lot accomplished and Saturday we attended was a very well planned baptism for seven new members.  In the afternoon President Onesmus and Angel renewed their wedding vows.  This is common and part of paying off the dowry for the wife.  With the help of many branch member they fed close to 500 people.  A cow was bought and cooked for the event.   We only stayed for an hour as we took Sister Catherine to Nuguni to get some last minute items for her mission.  She and James will leave on Monday for the mission office then off to Zambia.   Sunday we visited Kyambeke and were able to hear the Sunday morning session of conference.  I just enjoy how conference just fills your heart up.  The members listen so intensely and even the children are very good.  After 1 ½ hours the children went to primary and we continued to listen to conference.  When we returned to Nairobi I was so tired of sitting I took a relaxing 45 minute walk while Bruce was getting the juice mixed up for the Mitini Missionary Party.  It was a pleasant Sunday.
 Eleven families have had family night ten times and received their FHE book
 Bruce takes a ride with Brother John on his Picki-Picki/motorbike.  Charging people for rides is how he makes a living.
When this husband bore his testimony after the baptism, he publicly challenged his wife to join him in the Gospel
 Great Baptism, (notice Elder Sarlo Mom) these Elders are so powerful
 Jake this picture is for you, these two young men are enjoying the suites that you sent to Kenya
This is Momma Florence.  She got a new dress and wanted me to take a snap of her.

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Aly said...

Yay for that many getting their FHE books! Love that great picture of Florence. Bruce looks great on the piki piki. Miss you and everyone.