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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 9, 2012

Our four-day trip to Mombasa was fun, pleasant, and relaxing. We went with four couples, visiting the Tsavo Game Park and stayed one night at Kiliguni lodge.  We saw 40 elephants at one watering hole, many zebras, and giraffes, Cape buffalo and got close to a large crocodile.  Friday we headed for Mombasa and walked in the warm Indian Ocean, did some site seeing, and enjoyed the Scott’s (missionary couple in Mombasa).  The drive home on Saturday was a 9-hour drive but the good news is Bruce didn’t have to drive.
It seems as we continue to serve on our mission, things are more commonplace and so we don’t write about them.   We are trying to keep our energy and enthusiasm up.  We have been able to catch a couple of sessions of Conference and really enjoy it.  We won’t get the DVD’s for two weeks, and then the Branches will show it to their members.  Speaking of the branches, there is sure a lot of drama, especially Kilili.  Oh my goodness they are in each other’s business and marriages.  I guess they are not different than our wards and stakes back home.  But they do tattle on each other, like we have any control.  We love them and hate to see them have trouble. 
Three couples leave the end of October/November and three more couples are coming to replace them.  One couple is from Logan, the Moon’s.   Our replacements will not over-lap in fact we don’t know if anyone has been called yet.  Our branches will be fine, they are strong and the branch presidents seem to be doing well.  I need to go make some cookies and get them in the freezer for lunches.  An Elders mom sent him a package of brownie mix so I need to make that up and take it to him on Tuesday as they don’t have an oven (but they do have bed-bugs).    

 this cute bum shot is Sister Olsen getting a great view of the Elephants
 Baobaba trees look spooky and grow to be very big.

 This is an large ant/termite hill.  Bruce lets you see how big it really is.
 Bruce takes a turn assisting the carver with a bedpost
 Large boats in the port at Mombasa
 A man selling fried potatoes/chips on the corner and they were hot and so good.
 People getting off the ferry. I didn't get a picture of all the vehicles that came off later.
Ladies taking our traditional dip in the Indian Ocean.  It is so warm.


The Ballard's said...

Looks like a fun trip. Loved the pictures of the elephants. You ladies all look so cute. Your branches sound like Thatcher;)

Bree Sheridan said...

HI!! It looks like you guys are having an amazing and life changing experience!! Im so happy that I talked to Addy and she told me about this blog. I have been catching up on lost time and reading all your posts :)
So fun!
Love, Bree

The White's said...

I'm glad you could make that elder brownies, I'm sure him mom is happy too.
That bug hill is huge and very very nasty.
40 elephants is awesome, must be a big watering hole.
That picture of Dad helping carve made us smile.
Love you