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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 14, 2012

 Just home from our “Ilima Sunday”.  All the branch Primary’s are all getting ready for their primary programs.  I have really enjoyed being with them this year as they built upon the theme “Choose The Right”  These children are smart and they really do believe in our Savior and know that choosing the right will help them to be happy.  They know their songs and love to sing them for you. 
The people are really struggling for food right now.  They have planted for the rainy season but will not harvest until January.  The church has sent some relief food but as yet Ilima has not received any.  Sister Elizabeth RS Pres. said two sister have had babies and are having a hard time nursing because they are not eating enough.  It broke my heart.  I couldn’t stand for that so I got my bag and gave her Shl 1200 ($14) that is all I had and told her to get some food for those mommas.   We are taking some baby kits and 2 blankets for each family on Wednesday.   Hopefully food will come to the branch soon.   
The history is coming along. Sister Harris has gone through it and corrected many things.  She an English teacher and was very helpful.  Bruce and I spent a full eight hours working on it Saturday and again Monday.  We are hoping to have it totally done by Thanksgiving.  Many members are excited to see it.   
I have to share: we taught the song “If you chance to me a frown” to our family class, just because I wanted something fun for the smaller children and they loved it.  Some took paper and tried to copy the face and the words. It is so fun to see the simple things they love.

We had lunch with President Simon and Lucy.  She had started preparing for us at 4 a.m. that morning.  We hadchipatis, ugali, sukuma wiki or kale and cooked beans.  I must admit I have grown to love it all.
Leanord and Christine's new baby named Schnieder Mwenu after Elder Schnieder
Family Class at Kymbeke.  When Bruce asked Daniel who his favorie prophet is he quickly replied President Spencer W. Kimball because he prayed and the black received the priesthood.  He has been a member for 7 months.
Mirryum, husband and family.   I honestly thought he was her father but I'm glad I didn't say anything first.
This is the Smiley face I used to teach the primary song to the family class.   They loved it and wanted a copy of the face.  They love the simplest things.

The children always tie things over their heads because they get so hot.  She walked with me up to the truck, isn't she precious?

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The Ballard's said...

This is the first post that made me wish I could come to Africa. I am using my money to buy a new part for my back. Love all that you are doing!! Jake's arm is not broke, just we are after 3 dr appointments;)