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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 27 - March 4, 2012

There is really no way to summarize this week. It was loaded with adventure, drama, and love. As announced, we got our work permits on Monday. Tuesday at Kilili we had family class and made family chains, encouraging them to use them for FHE to express love for each family member. The sisters and the brothers both really seemed to love doing things with their hands and creating. The Kellem’s had the judging for the dried Mango’s and gave great prizes. Mitini Wednesday was spent visiting many families at President Kaseve’s home. It was delightful and all 6 of the Elders came as well. Thursday Kyambeke, where great questions were asked during temple class about the Savior. Bruce just turned it right around and told them to each research in the scriptures and we would discuss it next week. They seem to love a challenge and we get good responses. Friday: In Ilima there were two new babies and another in the Matua area that needed a visit. We invited the Olsen’s to go with us. We didn’t get home until later but it was such a fun day. No baptisms on Saturday again because of the lack of water, but we got a lot done. Bruce painted the bedroom and now it just feels so clean, I baked cookies and we both did a lot of needed preparation for our Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood training. Sunday at Mitini was a little discouraging with Primary and Relief Society but I know that progress goes forward and sometimes backwards.

The three babies we visited.

Visit at President Kaseve's home and neighbors.

Notice this chicken has a bum leg? He stole this piece of chipati off the plate of one of the sisters.

Dad was served beans rice and chipaties,before the women, it's their culture :)

Some pictures from our friends in the Matua area of the Mitini Branch.

Shelling the maize off the cob

Sister Annastacia, isn't she great!

Building a new home for Faith and Onesimus

Francis' work shoes.

Bruce teaching family class at Kilili

Sisters singing together after classes

Isn't this house just amazing? Well it is here in Kilili The brick look is painted on and the porch is so creative.

Mission couples try to see if they can get a picture of a bus with the biggest load.

Ok Bushy this picture is for you. This is what auto repair shops look like in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

I loved every single one of these pictures! They definitely tell a story! No wonder you are spending your children's inheritance on them! It would be hard not to want to buy shoes for that hard working young man! Keep up the great work! Maurice sure misses you! And of course your famous banana cake!!

Jill Hyde
MM to Maurice Maxwell

Don Tucker said...

Dean and Catherine look so natural.

I especially love the auto repair, it seems to have low overhead. :>}