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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 5-12, 2012

This week was maybe a little more routine. It was our auxiliary training week with Relief Society, Branch Presidency and Elders Quorum. We also had some fun family games to share with our classes that they seemed to like. Hopefully they will try them with their families. We are really encouraging Family Home Evening. This week after receiving all of the Government documents for 16 Mitini members, we were able to make our official contact with the Johannesburg Temple in South Africa. We are awaiting approval and then a date can be scheduled. We are so happy for them. Soon there will be group from Kyambeke ready for approval. New Begging’s was held in two branches this week and the sisters are now scheduling Relief Society Celebrations. It will be a busy month. We finished up the week with another baptism on Saturday, two children and four adults. The Elders had it well planned and there was a great spirit that morning. We were happy to have enough water.

Preparing to serve refreshments (cake, biscuits, and juice) at the New Beginnings activity in Kyambeke.
Annastacia from Ilima has been coming over to keyboard for only three lessons and she is very quick to learn even with a slow teacher.
Lewis and his mother at their shop. Lewis is finally home from the hospital after 1 month recovering from servere burns.
While driving down the road, we saw this huge aluminum barrel rolling up towards us. When we passed we saw two very tired men.
They had been rolling and pushing for a very long distance up-hill. Bruce stopped and gave them some water and biscuits.
Saturday Baptism with four from Mitini and two from Kyambeke Branch.


The White's said...

Wow, what a push. What were they going to do with that thing. Too bad you couldn't put it in the back of your truck and take them to their house.
Im glad you stop and gave them some food and water.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be able to go to the temple!! And that was so thoughtful of your husband!

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

Ben and Becky said...

You have an amazing blog with great pictures and touching stories. Thank you for sharing and letting us be apart of your adventure! And thank you for your great examples!
Becky (Addy's 'Mongolian' friend)

Don Tucker said...

Sharon - it looks like you were drinking the juice. Have you taken the chance to enjoy their liquid refreshment?

Fox said...

Wait... are you guys going to the temple or are you just preparing others to attend?