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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 13-17, 2012

Monday we were able to go to Sister Elizabeth and Brother Isaac’s school in an area on the out skirts of Nairobi called Kasarani . Elizabeth and Isaac are from Ilima but work and have a small home above the school. Their school is very crowded with 200 students who are very poor. After the bills are paid they make around 1000 schilling each month. This is their service for others. Brother Isaac also is a tour guide for some of the Safari groups here in Africa. I have talked about Elizabeth many times before on my blog. They are an amazing couple with four older children. In each class room the children sang for us and it was just incredible and sweet. After one picture, I found my camera was not working and I literally cried a few tears, but Bruce said he would bring me back. Tuesday at Kilili I am still struggling to meet Michael’s (who is blind) needs on the key-board. Elder Tuckett took him and worked with him for 45 minutes in another small class room. Because he plays by ear, he needs to hear clearly what he is playing.

Our new couple came in Wednesday and we had our usual welcome dinner. Elder and Sister Barry Holmes will open a new area in Navasha. Missionaries have only been there for 5 weeks. This means they will have to totally set up their home from furniture to dishes etc. They don’t have to pay for it but it will take a lot of work and time. They are from Ogden and requested to come to Nairobi with the Broadbent’s and they seem very happy to be here. Navasha only has one branch and is growing quickly.

We often take walks with other couples around five. I’m sure we look pretty weird; a long line of whites’ people walking along the busy streets but it is very enjoyable and good exercise. We like to walk over to the Arboretum which is a very large park with many beautiful trees and quiet pathways.

Saturday we had a Relief Society Birthday Party at Mitini. We listened to a DVD of Sister Beck, I gave a short message, and then we played some fun games/activities.They enjoyed the chocolate and banana cakes, bread, and soda. There were over 70 sisters who straggled in over a period of 3 hours.

We got the picture that Bruce wanted the whole time we have been in Kenya. A cart with iron wheel led by oxen bulls.
We had to pay to pay 300 schillings but they agreed to let Bruce on the cart and then of course we took more donkey pictures.
For the first time I read "Jesus the Christ" I learned so much!
Kilili R.S. Birthday Celebration and of course we had to have baloons. Some had never blown-up a balloon before. Bruce had a contest with them.

Visiting Teaching skits performed by the sister were part of the three hour program. There was 8 speakers.
Another group completed the Teacher Training Class in Kyambeke
Elizabeth and Isaac at their school


Emilee Keyes said...

Just for the record EVERY time I see a donkey I think of Rex. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious that he wanted that picture so bad! You are such a good sport! I hope you encourage the Holmes to do a blog too! It's so fun to see!

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

emily ballard said...

Love the picture of the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. I am thankful for reminders that this is a worldwide organization.