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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a few more... March 24, 2012

Who knew RS could be so FUN

I must hurry and add today in the journal. We went to Kyambeke for the Relief Society Celebration. It was well attended and after three speakers they had games. Oh how funny. “Do you love your Neighbor” was quite dangerous and the sisters were very competitive. Then we went outside to play grass games. Those that volunteered ran sack races and half-way down the path they had to stop, drink a soda and half a bag of bread (6) slices and then run to the finish line. We did this activity with two different sets of women. Hilarious! They all laughed and cheered. Then we linked arms and talked about supporting one another. Peanut-butter sandwiches and soda were the refreshments. It lasted three hours but it was so fun.

" Do you Love your Neighbor" laughing and giggling and PUSHING
Sack races were wild, half way they had to stop and eat bread and soda!
The audience of all ages had a great time.
We linked arms in support of the Kyambeke Relief Society
See the big pot on the floor,there was two that sizes filled with sandwiches. . . Gone in a FLASH!

March 19-24, 2012

This week we had three RS Birthday Celebrations. They were every long but no one seemed to mind. On Thursday we arrived at Kyambeke at 9:40 and by 10:30 we were headed back to the hospital in Nairobi with a very sick brother. President Broadbent gave us permission to bring Edward in as he was in much pain with urinary track/kidney problems. We are waiting for word on how he is doing from the Branch President. Because we came back so early, I was able to get an appointment with Lydia to have my hair cut. I guess she forgot that I just asked for a trim. She cut off one-two inches in some areas. Oh well I have 10 months left and . . .it is Africa. No one really cares what you look like. Saturday is our last RS Celebration. This branch is having peanut butter and jam sandwiches for their refreshment. Right now that sounds better than the boiled chicken we had today.

This is a home-made cart used to carry charcoal down to the market to sell. Charcoal is what they cook with.
It is so dry out to the Hills. People are struggling for water. They just keep digging deeper in the river beds.
The Ilima RS Presidency
Friday we had the RS Birthday Celebration at Ilima. Rice, boiled chicken and broth, served with my contribution. . .cake!
Elder Diotati from Canada is a wonderful new Elder he just let the wrong person in the village cut his hair. He and Elder Patten make a powerful team.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 13-17, 2012

Monday we were able to go to Sister Elizabeth and Brother Isaac’s school in an area on the out skirts of Nairobi called Kasarani . Elizabeth and Isaac are from Ilima but work and have a small home above the school. Their school is very crowded with 200 students who are very poor. After the bills are paid they make around 1000 schilling each month. This is their service for others. Brother Isaac also is a tour guide for some of the Safari groups here in Africa. I have talked about Elizabeth many times before on my blog. They are an amazing couple with four older children. In each class room the children sang for us and it was just incredible and sweet. After one picture, I found my camera was not working and I literally cried a few tears, but Bruce said he would bring me back. Tuesday at Kilili I am still struggling to meet Michael’s (who is blind) needs on the key-board. Elder Tuckett took him and worked with him for 45 minutes in another small class room. Because he plays by ear, he needs to hear clearly what he is playing.

Our new couple came in Wednesday and we had our usual welcome dinner. Elder and Sister Barry Holmes will open a new area in Navasha. Missionaries have only been there for 5 weeks. This means they will have to totally set up their home from furniture to dishes etc. They don’t have to pay for it but it will take a lot of work and time. They are from Ogden and requested to come to Nairobi with the Broadbent’s and they seem very happy to be here. Navasha only has one branch and is growing quickly.

We often take walks with other couples around five. I’m sure we look pretty weird; a long line of whites’ people walking along the busy streets but it is very enjoyable and good exercise. We like to walk over to the Arboretum which is a very large park with many beautiful trees and quiet pathways.

Saturday we had a Relief Society Birthday Party at Mitini. We listened to a DVD of Sister Beck, I gave a short message, and then we played some fun games/activities.They enjoyed the chocolate and banana cakes, bread, and soda. There were over 70 sisters who straggled in over a period of 3 hours.

We got the picture that Bruce wanted the whole time we have been in Kenya. A cart with iron wheel led by oxen bulls.
We had to pay to pay 300 schillings but they agreed to let Bruce on the cart and then of course we took more donkey pictures.
For the first time I read "Jesus the Christ" I learned so much!
Kilili R.S. Birthday Celebration and of course we had to have baloons. Some had never blown-up a balloon before. Bruce had a contest with them.

Visiting Teaching skits performed by the sister were part of the three hour program. There was 8 speakers.
Another group completed the Teacher Training Class in Kyambeke
Elizabeth and Isaac at their school

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 5-12, 2012

This week was maybe a little more routine. It was our auxiliary training week with Relief Society, Branch Presidency and Elders Quorum. We also had some fun family games to share with our classes that they seemed to like. Hopefully they will try them with their families. We are really encouraging Family Home Evening. This week after receiving all of the Government documents for 16 Mitini members, we were able to make our official contact with the Johannesburg Temple in South Africa. We are awaiting approval and then a date can be scheduled. We are so happy for them. Soon there will be group from Kyambeke ready for approval. New Begging’s was held in two branches this week and the sisters are now scheduling Relief Society Celebrations. It will be a busy month. We finished up the week with another baptism on Saturday, two children and four adults. The Elders had it well planned and there was a great spirit that morning. We were happy to have enough water.

Preparing to serve refreshments (cake, biscuits, and juice) at the New Beginnings activity in Kyambeke.
Annastacia from Ilima has been coming over to keyboard for only three lessons and she is very quick to learn even with a slow teacher.
Lewis and his mother at their shop. Lewis is finally home from the hospital after 1 month recovering from servere burns.
While driving down the road, we saw this huge aluminum barrel rolling up towards us. When we passed we saw two very tired men.
They had been rolling and pushing for a very long distance up-hill. Bruce stopped and gave them some water and biscuits.
Saturday Baptism with four from Mitini and two from Kyambeke Branch.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 27 - March 4, 2012

There is really no way to summarize this week. It was loaded with adventure, drama, and love. As announced, we got our work permits on Monday. Tuesday at Kilili we had family class and made family chains, encouraging them to use them for FHE to express love for each family member. The sisters and the brothers both really seemed to love doing things with their hands and creating. The Kellem’s had the judging for the dried Mango’s and gave great prizes. Mitini Wednesday was spent visiting many families at President Kaseve’s home. It was delightful and all 6 of the Elders came as well. Thursday Kyambeke, where great questions were asked during temple class about the Savior. Bruce just turned it right around and told them to each research in the scriptures and we would discuss it next week. They seem to love a challenge and we get good responses. Friday: In Ilima there were two new babies and another in the Matua area that needed a visit. We invited the Olsen’s to go with us. We didn’t get home until later but it was such a fun day. No baptisms on Saturday again because of the lack of water, but we got a lot done. Bruce painted the bedroom and now it just feels so clean, I baked cookies and we both did a lot of needed preparation for our Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood training. Sunday at Mitini was a little discouraging with Primary and Relief Society but I know that progress goes forward and sometimes backwards.

The three babies we visited.

Visit at President Kaseve's home and neighbors.

Notice this chicken has a bum leg? He stole this piece of chipati off the plate of one of the sisters.

Dad was served beans rice and chipaties,before the women, it's their culture :)

Some pictures from our friends in the Matua area of the Mitini Branch.

Shelling the maize off the cob

Sister Annastacia, isn't she great!

Building a new home for Faith and Onesimus

Francis' work shoes.

Bruce teaching family class at Kilili

Sisters singing together after classes

Isn't this house just amazing? Well it is here in Kilili The brick look is painted on and the porch is so creative.

Mission couples try to see if they can get a picture of a bus with the biggest load.

Ok Bushy this picture is for you. This is what auto repair shops look like in Kenya.