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Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 10, 2012

Thomas Davies (Kilili Branch) got his mission call; California, Anaheim. It is very rare that an African male is called to the United States. That is wonderful. His sister is serving in Arizona at the temple grounds. I hope this brings renewed strength to the family, the past Branch President in Kilili. We have had another great week and the temple classes have been especially powerful. There are some couples that are very close to having all their legal papers in preparation to go to the temple. We will try to schedule a date at the Johannesburg Temple soon.

WE LOVE OUR MISSION AREA! What a blessing. Tomorrow we will go to the Mitini Baptisms held at Kyambeke. There are 14 children being baptized. I also received more personal histories to type up so that will keep me busy. We saw another giraffe try to cross the busy road today and finally got a good picture thanks to Elder Kellems and we also saw monkeys.

Finally, a picture of a Giraffe crossing the busy road. Whew! he made it.
President Musembi and Johnathan show us a water dig on his property, but this is done by the women who collect water daily. As the water dries up, they will dig deeper to reach water.
President, has a large shamba and grows many mango, papya, and passion fruit trees.


Fox said...

that makes me feel A LOT better about my mineraly water.

Don Tucker said...

The water looks like it came right from the stump in North Ogden. Mmmmm yummy.