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Friday, February 17, 2012

February 13-15, 2012

On Monday Feb. 13th we had a special “VALENTIME family home evening” at our apartment. We spent all of our P-Day getting ready, making brownies and hot-fudge sauce, picking up flowers (bought by the husbands), and decorating. I was so excited all day. It was just so fun. Balloons, hearts, candles, and sweet music was the mood as they all came. We had prayer, sang a song and then each of the sisters told how they met their “Man” and what attracted them. Then the husband told five things they loved about their wives and gave them a pretty bouquet of roses. It turned out so wonderful. The dessert was really rich and good. They all seemed to enjoy it so much. One sister said she had never received flowers from her husband before.

Working with the missionaries, we have planned a day to share “ Becoming a Happy and Strong Family” We have asked members to bring someone with them next week and share in a day. We are showing a DVD that was prepared in South Africa by African people. It is beautiful and speaks to all faiths. We will serve refreshments and hope to have a big crowd. We want the villages and communities to know that the Church believes in the family. So will see how it turns out next week.

February 15th

We received great news! Our Elder Raymond from Kilunga Hills was called to be the new AP. He is a great young man and we are so happy for him. We have been passing Elders around out in the hills and Kilili and now we are transporting in the four new Elders. We are excited and hope they come with a lot of fire and energy.

Saturdays baptism with 20 new members ages 15-8
Clothing made by the Ilima Branch Relief Society for needy children in the area. Sister Bird donated the material.

The Kilullnga Hills missionaries saying goodbye to Elder Raymond

Thomas got his mission call

Man making furniture outside an apartment building

Kilili Teacher Training Class

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your hard work has paid off!
Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell