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Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 19-26, 2012

This week started with spending the Sabbath at Kyambeke. I was asked to give a message and spoke about trails and their purpose. Monday we had the truck serviced and a new windshield put in. Big trucks splatter our truck with rocks and chip the windshield. We also did the usual with groceries and pictures.

At the Fugi Films shop, Tecla and I are on a first name bases. This is where our children's inheritence is being spent on pictures.

Tuesday we were able to visit the market place and invite people to come to the Family Class at 11:00. Two sisters went with me and after a little missionary work we had 5 join us. Altogether we had 7 investigators and 25 members. After showing the three short Family DVD’s (previously talked about) we had refreshments and the missionaries went around and visited with people. We invited them to come back next Tuesday again for more information about strong families. Wednesday, we repeated the same plan but we had over 70 people including many investigators. We are praying that they will keep coming. After a branch audit and dropping off a chocolate cake for the Elders DDM meeting, we started a wonderful adventure Thursday at Kyambeke. The Elders Quorum President and Sister Lucy assisted us as we traveled around visiting 6 Families. It was such a memorable day. The temperature was mild and there was a cool breeze. The people were happy to see us and shared hot chocolate and bananas/bread. Time past so quickly that we didn’t leave the hills until 4:00. The traffic was terrible by the time we arrived in Nairobi but it was worth it.

Edward and Marys Home. He makes electric guitars in his work-shop.

Mary in her Kitchen.
Florence (the young girl in pink) with her two sisters and mother. She is 21 and preparing to go on a mission.

As we passed by the school, all the children wanted to come out and give the white man a high-five.

Duncan (recently baptised) with his wife, a neigbor lady, and their last child of seven.
Donkeys are very valuable here.
Dad with Edward who is very proud of his house and cows.
Young girls wanting their picture taken. Boys have first priority for education so many girls are left without school.
Maize drying in the homes.
Florence and her mother who is 83. Florence has quite a nice home because her husband works and lives in Nairobi and only comes home occasionally.

Friday allowed us to attend Ilima’s Relief Society and Elders Quorum meeting. There were four speakers, who spoke in Kecomba (spelled wrong) but with the writing on the blackboard we were able to follow along. Tithing, Budget, Food Storage, Water Storage, First Aid/Medicine, and Clothing were all discussed. The members were taking notes and very interested. At the end President wrote: Work harder, Plan better and Store properly. At the end each family was given a metal bank to encourage savings. We are always impressed with Ilima’s efforts towards self-reliance. We wish this could happen with all our Branches. It was sooooo good.

Saturday was spent in Nairobi; an early walk, groceries, made a chicken salad, prepared a talk for Monday Devotional, and worked on the branch books/family histories. We had a potluck dinner at the Pugmire’s that evening.
Karen Blixen (wrote the book 'Out of Africa') Plantation Visit


Janet said...

I love all your photos! It makes me feel like I know the country just a little bit better! Thanks for all you do to support our missionaries that are out there :-)
Elder Taysom's Mom, Janet

Sharon said...

That girl in the pink shirt does NOT look 21. I love the picture of Dad and Edward with the cows.

emily ballard said...

Love the pictures. Especially the one of all of the school kids giving high five to the white man.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you spend all that time and money on photos! I love seeing them all and your amazing life!

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell