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Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 24-28, 2012

We were blessed to have another safe week. Thursday we visited families in Kyambeke. The Elder’s Quorum President went with us and we visited three areas. First a sister who is crippled and can’t attend church, a young couple getting ready to go to the temple, a member who had an enormous swollen foot, and family of investigators.

Bruce gave blessings, I gave out a hard back triple, and a Liahona. We had hot, hot chocolate, climbed up hills, got dirty and sweaty, but it was just the best.

On Friday after our lessons in Ilima, we picked up a small 4 year old boy and his parents at the Kikoko Hospital. He was badly burned and was advised to come into Nairobi to see a specialist. He had lit a mattress on fire and was very lucky that his mother found him. He slept most of the time and we took them to the Kenya Hospital In Nariobi. His body was all bandaged up and his face and ears were pretty burnt.

Saturday we didn't have any baptisms in any of our branches so we stayed in Nairobi. We took an early morning fast and hard walk, it took about an hour. The whole time dad talked about Plain City and growing up there and about the five famous athletes and famous horses that came from there. I sure enjoyed it. When we got home I washed my hair and about 10 we took Olsen's out to JoGo Market where they make items (I call it the sweat-shops). It is so crazy and dirty there, yet so Africa, I just love to take people there. We both bought more underwear for the Orphanage and a soccor ball for the kids. We then went and got a few groceries and came home to eat lunch and bake. I made 5 dozen cookies, a banana cake and chocolate frosting for a future chocolate cake. Whew I'm tired. Tonight we go to eat out with all the couples so that will be fun. Opps I just found out I didn’t put baking soda in the banana cake. Darn, it’s flat. I guess I tried to do too much at the same time.

This is the first we have seen a man working with the wife, carrying a heavy load.

Dad trying on some African wear at JoGo Market.

This is a very nice sink that sit in the yard. It actually drains out in the back. It's the first we have seen.

This older house use to be level with the ground but after years of erosion it sits very high on the property.

I think Dad secretly wants to be a donkey herder.

Family we visited who are planning to go to the temple with mother


Don Tucker said...

The kitchen sink looks like our camp sites at Camp Marriott in Goshen VA. I enjoyed it for a week, I don't know how I'd do for years or a lifetime.

Love the pictures of the families and Bruce with the donkey. I think we are related to that family through marriage.

bvcottle said...

Sharon, I think that is why Bruce agreed to go with you is so he could learn the secrets of Nairobians raising donkeys.

Anonymous said...

I know Elder Maxwell would still eat that banana cake! Its his favorite!;) I think I want to get married just so I can go on a mission with my sweetheart! What a great thing you are doing!!!!

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

The White's said...

I love all of the pictures. I know you are on a mission and you gone but it still seams odd that you are in Africa, doing crazzzy things.
I sure love you and miss you but I would not change it.