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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 25, 2011

Our 6 Elders from Kilunga Hills at the pulpit.

Christmas day was spent going to church at one of the Nairobi Wards. Then we came back to the flat and picked-up our food and headed to the Upper Hills Chapel where we had a wonderful lunch, devotional, and then watched the Kenya Nairobi Mission Video of 2011 (All missionaries were asked to send in 4 pictures) it was fun to watch. We then had desserts and again watched the missionaries over-eat. Elder Tayson had to go throw-up. We had a group picture and then the Elders packed up another plate of left-overs, wrapped it in foil and headed back to their flats or the AP flat to call their parents.


Emilee Keyes said...

Well now we know that there is at least one group of people in Africa that are not starving. Those elders must have thought that it was there last meal.

The Ballard's said...

Mom & Dad you look great. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. Oh, missions are good. I had to giggle because I saw that the Olsen's daughter posted that she had made it through day one of her parents being gone. It is crazy that you have been out 6 months. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I know my goofy son loved every second of the over eating moment!!! It was probably one of the only days he actually got full, he has a hollow leg you know! He told everyone that his new favorite cake of all times is your banana cake! He looks so happy! Thanks for posting!

Sister Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

The White's said...

That looks like a good group of missionaries!! One christmas down one to go!