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Friday, January 6, 2012

December 27-30, 2011

This week we wound up the year having a “Youth Kickoff Party” for each branch. The purpose was to get everyone excited about the Youth Conference Challenge: Read the Book of Mormon before Youth Conference in August. The Youth Council of each branch, 3 girls and 3 boys, were to take charge and they did a great job. After the talks and testimonies we gave out soft back Triple Combinations, reading charts to glue in the inside cover, small rectangle stickers to index their own books and a white plastic bag (with a handle cut out). They loved having their own scriptures and everyone committed to read 3 pages each day. Between all the branches over 250 youth will now have their own scriptures. The youth are so strong and it is just crazy amazing to be around them. I know this will increase not only their testimonies but just like Elder Holland said they will be able to refuse temptation, have more peace, and will have a desire to share the gospel with others. Now when we visit the branches we say to the youth; Where are you in the Book of Mormon? They just beam when they tell you.

On Saturday we had 6 more people baptized. A youth, Wilson, baptized his father Duncan. A father baptized his daughter Susan who is 16 (The wife and mother is not interested in the church but 2 more daughters are investigating).

In Kilili the youth lined up on each side and cut a large green ribbon signaling the Kick-off to the Book of Mormon Challenge.
llima branch had prepared a full meal to share with us. They had us eat with the Youth Council while the other youth ate outside, it was their way to show love and respect.
Dad led each branch in a different cheer.
We had to take this picture of the African way of adjusting to a problem. Rather than straightening the power pole the property owner build around it.
This little girl had fallen asleep on the median between two majior roads through town, three lanes on each side. She had her little lunch cup by her but we could see that no one was watching her.


Anonymous said...

The picture of the little girl breaks my heart. How do you not want to help every one of them!?

How neat to be able to work with the youth! I bet you love it! I think I am going to take that challenge as well-3 pages a day!Great way to start the year!

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

The White's said...

I think that kick off was a great idea! I love that picture of you eating lunch with the youth, I can just hear you talking with them all into what they have to say. That makes me miss you.
I wish I could of sean Dad lead them in cheers!!

I think you should have gone out and put up cones by that little girl sleeping out in the road.