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Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2-8, 2012

It’s Sunday afternoon. We have been to Mitini for Church and we are home safely again. As Bruce says we “Cheated Death Again”. They have been putting oil on the Mombasa Road making it very slick. Then the next day they throw sand out of a truck with the shovel and throw it on us. Our truck looks all speckled. What a system. Today we saw a large giraffe crossing the busy road. Everyone did stop for him. We are still seeing many animals on our daily trips to Kilunga Hills.
Our new Elders, Pherri and Frost came in on Thursday. That will give us a total of 8 missionaries. The area is growing so fast that they divided the Mitini area into two: Mitini/Kulungo. It’s just wonderful. Elder Raymond was made the Zone leader. He has really grown and he has been with us for 6 months. We went visiting on Friday in the Ilima area. Everyone is very busy with the harvest, picking beans and mangos. Very few were home but we did meet with a few members.
(Sitting with Sister Florence as she looks through the wonderful pictures of some of the first members in Kenya).
I have been working on the history of the church in Nairobi and have collected pictures and information from many of the first members/pioneers. I get so excited about it and I don’t know why but I just love it and find it so fascinating. I am preparing to write it all after I meet with one more of the sons of Gideon Kasue. Bruce has been patient with me as I have talked with many members.

Bruce went with the men back to the Soweto Slums (Steven's Orphange) to replace more tin on the roof of another classroom. They worked all day and came home so dirty. There were many children watching and some of the older ones wanted to help. The tape measure went home for lunch but when there was a 50 schillings reward announced it appeared again.

The Ilima Elders with Francis (he is preparing to send in his mission papers) he helped us find members in the hills.
A beehive that is put up in the trees when they blossom. Elder Patton said the honey was pretty good.
A classic picture of a bike driver with his treasured passengers, a load of chickens to be sold at a market. They are all alive.
Some people we visited with in the hills


The Ballard's said...

This post is awesome. I love that the tape measurer disappeared:)

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the two new missionaries! Really warms my heart! How exciting as they embark on a new adventure serving the Lord! Loved that you got the handshake! Is that Elder J in the other picture with his eyes covered?

Sister Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell

Randi said...

I have really enjoyed reading all your mission posts. What an incredible experience for you two. P.S. I am Addy's friend and she showed me your blog the other day while at her house. :) cant wait to read more!

Laurel said...

Hi guys! How's it going? I love looking at your blog, Bruce looks great as a donkey herder:) and Sharon you are so beautiful...I love your tan. I think what you guys are doing is amazing. Take care and be safe:)