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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Thanksgiving in Africa

All the couples came in to Nairobi (and stayed with couples in the apartments) for Thanksgiving. It was the first day of our Couple Missionary Conference and was held at the Mission Home. Everyone contributed and tried to make it as American as possible which proved to be expensive. Six of us cooked Turkey breasts. We were surprised that they had frozen turkey breasts (small) and even more surprised at the $22 cost. We had pumpkin pie and were able to buy small cans of Libby’s Pumpkin at $6.00 a small can. They figured that each pie cost about $24. We also had apple pie which was a lot cheaper. The mashed potatoes were my favorite. There was a wide variety of food and snacks. We exchanged fun 500 schilling(less than $5) gifts and played games. The following day we met at the Mission Office in our Sunday Best. It was an excellent day filled with great instruction, testimonials, advice and love. Oh and the lunch was Taco Salads and Cake. Very good I might add.

Two turkeys, not really. It's Elder Beecher, he is wonderful and has special permission to give patriarchal blessing here along with his other duties.

Just enjoying the fun and visiting with each other.
Elder and Sister Nevin, our Mission Office Couple, and average 12 hours a day at the office. They will go home February 1st and Elder and Sister Dean Olson from North Ogden will take their post!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 26, 2011

Monday was our turn for family night. It went well, and when I served dessert, Bruce said, “I think I am in trouble, I think I’m getting a kidney stone". He was pale and looked bad. By the time 10:00 came around he was in a lot of pain. The whole night he was up with pain. On Tuesday we visited the Doctor and he confirmed that he had a kidney stone. The pain came and went and to make a long story short, he had surgery on Saturday at 4:00 and we were home by Sunday afternoon. He is taking it easy and pretty sore but we will be out to our branches in Kilunga Hills soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 16, 2011

Bruce trying to make that hoop roll like the children do. It is harder than it looks
Christine from Matua Area with her new daughter,
and another picture of her with all her 5 sweet children
Christine's neighbor and friend who introduced her to the gospel. (both Christine and her sweet friend attend the keyboard class).
Next is Another baptism for Mitini. Sister Maurine with her mother and baby.
Sister Philomena making ugalie and preparing vegetables in her kitchen. They are usually detached from the house.
This is what awaits us as we pull up to the Ilima Chapel.
These sweet little children get so excited and want to help you carry everything.

Oh my goodness, it just has to stop raining. Every day we wake up to overcast skies and an overnight rainstorm. The rain will continue off and on through the day and then the sun comes out a little and then it clouds up in the late afternoon again. I know it is the rainy season but the tomatoes are rotting here and it is extremely muddy. It makes it hard to be perky. Well that was my grumble for the blog today. We have been blessed with safety in our travel and hopefully we will be able to make it up the path to Ilima on Friday. Our lessons are ready for tomorrow in Kyambeke and our lunches are made. I just had a bitter-lemon soda, which has become my weakness lately (no-caffeine however) and Bruce just had some popcorn and is reading his scriptures. Our laundry is all done and Consalata came and cleaned today so what is there to grumble about.

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 10, 2011

This week has been Young Women’s Training Meetings. As I met with each branches, we have discussed what is going well for them and what they would like to make better/improve. I had to revise my approach a little because I found that setting a goal wasn’t in their understanding. We then wrote three things they could do to help improve. Two branches chose reading the scriptures and two chose to work on Personal Progress. Sister Lucy, the branch president’s wife, was so courageous and admitted that all the past missionary couples had trained them in Personal Progress “but after a while we just drop it and do not work at it”. I tried to enforce that it was an inspired program for young women all around the world. She asked me to come and give more training to their branch. I have finally realized that missionary couples just have to be persistent and encourage them over and over and then the next couples come out and repeat it all over again. We finished our training with Blue Band/Margarine on bread sandwiches, (they love bread to them it is cake) and juice (like kool-aid but not cold), and went to teacher improvement class. I love these sweet ladies.

Mitini Branch Kyambeke Branch
Llima Branch Kilili Branch

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 3, 2011

On Thursday we went to a zone Conference down by the Indian Ocean at a seaport town call Mombasa. From Nairobi it takes about 7 hours of driving. There are three branches there. It is a very busy town and full of a lot of history. When the slaves were rounded up along Eastern Africa, this is the port they sailed them out of. Many countries have wanted control of this area because of its access to the ocean. It is extremely humid and hot. November and December are usually the worst months. Elder and Sister Scott are really fun and made us feel so welcome. Friday the conference started at 9:00. The Zone Leaders and Assistance did a wonderful presentation. There was a great spirit there but perspiration was dripping off Bruce's chin and his neck. It was hot with a lot of bodies. I enjoyed being around the elders and seeing them interact together. The new elders and the 4 soon to leave elders bore their testimonies and it was goosebump good. They played a trick on President Broadbent l wore lassos and then he had to put one on. They were all having a good time. We sang the Chiquita Banana song and ate a great African dinner. President Broadbent concluded with a powerful message which included asking the missionaries to keep the mission rules and stay off face-book. I'm excited that Zone Conference comes twice a year.

View from Sister and Elder Scott's flat. Isn't it beautiful

This is a picture of all the Senior Missionaries in the Kenya Naiobi Mission at this time
The "Kilunga Hills Missionaries" with President and Sister Broadbent; Elders with their togas/ lassos with President Broadbent

Sister Swabb from Wyoming, Sister Scott from Ogden and Sister Hall all wading in the Indian Ocean; and then me and my best friend, doesn't it look romantic!

Our Camel ride on the beach 1000 Schillings or $10 it was well worth it for the fun memory.

Friday, November 4, 2011

October 29, 2011

A picture of the Kyambeke market from a distance, you can see the LDS Chapel it is blue. They are so proud it was all freshly painted.

Today we stayed in Nairobi and I was able to go to the Women's Conference, the first in Kenya. Sister Wendy Nelson, President Russell M. Nelson's wife was the main speaker. We also heard from the Area Presidents wife and also Elder Carl B Cooks wife, (they lived in Plain City at one time). It was a wonderful morning and experience for me as I needed the words of encouragement and comfort. The priesthood leaders met in the morning and then the Area authorities and Elder Russell talked at a Young Single Adult meeting at 3:00.

This evening we were able to go to a very fancy dinner at the Serna Hotel. The area church office had made arrangement to invite officials and dignitaries from Kenya to attend the dinner and meet with the church leaders. A wonderful presentation and video was shown "Strong Families build Strong Nations. Elder Russell M. Nelson then talked and in a calm and very matter-of-fact way, summarizing the proclamation of the family. We were then led into a beautiful dining area and served a nice dinner. We were all seated by people we didn't know but by the end of the meal we had been able to connect with each other. Tomorrow Elder Nelson will speak at the Stake Conference here in Nairobi. We will leave early hoping we can get a seat. I don't know if Carl Cook will speak or not, he spoke at the priesthood session but he didn't come to the formal dinner. It has been a great day and again a great opportunity to be with an Apostle of the Lord and feel his spirit.

* We did get a seat and really enjoyed the Sunday Meeting. Dad and I both took notes during the meeting. He typed them up and we’d like to send them to our children. He told the members they would never prosper until they started to be honest tithing payers. He also told them of things they must teach their children. The members filled the chapel and the gym and they sang to him and his wife as they left outside. The Church in Kenya will continue to grow. I feel the world will see great things happen here.

At Ilima, the Relief Society President Elisabeth,is wonderful and strong. She helped plan a day for the sisters to write their historys. Aren't the sister wonderful. Most all of them attended to our Teacher Development Class first.

That evening we were able to go to a very formal dinner with the "Big Names" This is Elder and Sister Lurf and Elder and Sister Byrd. The Bryds are leaving in 3 week and they have been such a ray of sunshine and comfort to us. We love them and will miss them deeply.

Just a sweet sister at the conference. Doesn't she just glow. The sisters loved being there and hearing from these wonderful ladies.
First Women's Conference in Kenya These are the wives of Elder Nelson, the Area Presidency, Uganda Mission President, and Sister Broadbent. I got in trouble for taking this picture, I didn't know you don't take pictures of important people.