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Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 3, 2011

On Thursday we went to a zone Conference down by the Indian Ocean at a seaport town call Mombasa. From Nairobi it takes about 7 hours of driving. There are three branches there. It is a very busy town and full of a lot of history. When the slaves were rounded up along Eastern Africa, this is the port they sailed them out of. Many countries have wanted control of this area because of its access to the ocean. It is extremely humid and hot. November and December are usually the worst months. Elder and Sister Scott are really fun and made us feel so welcome. Friday the conference started at 9:00. The Zone Leaders and Assistance did a wonderful presentation. There was a great spirit there but perspiration was dripping off Bruce's chin and his neck. It was hot with a lot of bodies. I enjoyed being around the elders and seeing them interact together. The new elders and the 4 soon to leave elders bore their testimonies and it was goosebump good. They played a trick on President Broadbent l wore lassos and then he had to put one on. They were all having a good time. We sang the Chiquita Banana song and ate a great African dinner. President Broadbent concluded with a powerful message which included asking the missionaries to keep the mission rules and stay off face-book. I'm excited that Zone Conference comes twice a year.

View from Sister and Elder Scott's flat. Isn't it beautiful

This is a picture of all the Senior Missionaries in the Kenya Naiobi Mission at this time
The "Kilunga Hills Missionaries" with President and Sister Broadbent; Elders with their togas/ lassos with President Broadbent

Sister Swabb from Wyoming, Sister Scott from Ogden and Sister Hall all wading in the Indian Ocean; and then me and my best friend, doesn't it look romantic!

Our Camel ride on the beach 1000 Schillings or $10 it was well worth it for the fun memory.


Coleen said...

What beautiful pictures! We think of you often and keep you in our prayers. What a great experience!!

Fox said...

Dean said, "let me get this right. You can't ride a horse on the mission but a camel is okay"?
I'm pretty sure he was just jealous

Austin & Shawnee said...

Love the beach pictures! My "north ogden parents" are sure inspiring. Love you guys!