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Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 16, 2011

Bruce trying to make that hoop roll like the children do. It is harder than it looks
Christine from Matua Area with her new daughter,
and another picture of her with all her 5 sweet children
Christine's neighbor and friend who introduced her to the gospel. (both Christine and her sweet friend attend the keyboard class).
Next is Another baptism for Mitini. Sister Maurine with her mother and baby.
Sister Philomena making ugalie and preparing vegetables in her kitchen. They are usually detached from the house.
This is what awaits us as we pull up to the Ilima Chapel.
These sweet little children get so excited and want to help you carry everything.

Oh my goodness, it just has to stop raining. Every day we wake up to overcast skies and an overnight rainstorm. The rain will continue off and on through the day and then the sun comes out a little and then it clouds up in the late afternoon again. I know it is the rainy season but the tomatoes are rotting here and it is extremely muddy. It makes it hard to be perky. Well that was my grumble for the blog today. We have been blessed with safety in our travel and hopefully we will be able to make it up the path to Ilima on Friday. Our lessons are ready for tomorrow in Kyambeke and our lunches are made. I just had a bitter-lemon soda, which has become my weakness lately (no-caffeine however) and Bruce just had some popcorn and is reading his scriptures. Our laundry is all done and Consalata came and cleaned today so what is there to grumble about.


Unknown said...

This is a good analogy for life...sometimes we feel like we can't take one more day of rain!!! But we have to learn to deal with it. You are so inspiring and just what I need when I'm having a pity party....I will never complain about my kitchen being too small and ugly again!!! I love you Sharon!!! We will pray for you and Bruce, especially that Bruce won't get any more kidney stones!

Stacy Aldridge said...

That was me Stacy up there!