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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

Sunday we rode out with the Broadbent's and had a great Mitini Branch Conference. Twelve men were ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood. That is so wonderful because the church can only progress as fast as priesthood strength grows. Dad was able to ordain four of the men by request.
The Primary put on their program for Sister Broadbent and me. I hope they are still planning on doing it in sacrament in the future.
I attended the Relief Society meeting and Sister Broadbent went to the Young Women's and they wrote letters to girls in Ogden. The three young women in this picture are Eunice 25, Janet 17, and Christine 24. They are all in the same grade in secondary school. Eunice was very sick as a young girl and got behind in her schooling. Christine's parents refused to pay for their schooling because she joined the church when she was 16. So now these girls have gone back to finish their schooling.
These two missionaries will be the first ever to live in Kililil. They rode out with us today to the area but were frustrated to find their flat had not progresses and had to return back to Nairobi for probably another week. They are very excited to get going.

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bvcottle said...

Bruce, I thought that you might be the only really tall person there, but by the pictures of those you participated with in their Melchezidek (I know I spelled it wrong)Priesthood ordinations, you may not be alone after all.