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Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 16, 2011

This has to go down as one of my most favorite days on our mission. We went to the hills to visit with the members. We went to see Joel and his wife Regina. They had a beautiful new baby on Monday. Four days old baby Ruthie. She is adorable. I love her parents so much they are trying to get ready to go to the temple. They have 5 children and live in a 2 room house the size of the computer room at home. No lights, no running water, no bathroom, or beds. You can see in the picture the tiny wood create cupboard in the corner area where cocoa cups and 4-5 other glass dishes are kept. She made cocoa for us on the floor stove. Dad and I, the elders, Brother and sister Joel, and two neighbor ladies (it is a custom to have care for the new mother for 1 week) a small low table and wooden slender benches on each side of two walls; were all in an area one half the size of the computer room at home. I sat there and just could not believe that I was really there. I couldn’t hold back my tears. They cannot speak much English so we did a lot of smiling and hand talking and the Elders helped some. The spirit was wonderful and I held baby Ruthie and her blankets became very wet and I handed her to Regina, she opened up the baby's many blankets, wrapped another cloth, like a white tea-towel, around her bottom, wrapped her back up and handed her to me again. I didn’t care at all I just loved holding her.

I took 2 loaves of bread, (it is like cake to them and they love it) some cooking oil, a baby blanket, soap, and diaper with pins. I found out later that they do not use diapers just swaddling clothes. When we drank the HOT cocoa she gave everyone 2 slices of bread. Joel asked the missionaries to give the home a blessing. The love that Heavenly Father has for this people is so evident with such a strong spirit. My words will never be able to express the wonder of this experience.

We then went and visited Boneface and his wife Agnus again. Previous Post. He wanted us to take pictures of his turkeys. He is a character and very ambitious. His son Joseph is the one who has crippled legs and they are trying to stretch them and help him walk again.

Our last sister lives 2 hours from the church. She said it is too hard to come to church. Her husband is a preacher of another church but she is a committed member and has stayed strong. The distance is keeping her from coming very often. The elders tried to encourage her to make the sacrifice to go to church and take the sacrament and her journey would be made light. She had us eat boiled kasava, it tasted like a fiberous potato but good.

Just a delightful day, we came home feeling so humble and grateful.

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bvcottle said...

Bruce I hope you are taking good care of the turkey:) It may be a totally different culture and people from the Paraguayan people, but the structure and size of the homes are equal. Thanks for sharing the pictures and story Sharon. I have my friends in Paraguay that remind me of the gentleman Joel you visited. Hope you guys are doing well. Bruce, you should stand in picture once in a while. I am staring to think Sharon is there alone and you are in your back yard in the barn hanging out behind your house. I keep seeing Casey over there, maybe taking you some food.