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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

(Dad’s turn to share)

Today is Maddie’s Birthday she turns 16 years old (HAPPY BITHDAY MADDIE!) she already has a date for the school dance we heard it was this Friday night. We love you.

We went on a Safari to Lake Nakuru National Park North West of Nairobi. We went with ten other couples who are here in Africa as missionaries the same as us. All have different assignments in different areas so it was a great adventure to get together and meet the others. Those who lived out of town came in on Friday and stayed with those of us who live here in Nairobi. We all then traveled to the Park for three days and two nights of Safari life and wild life. Lake Nakuru is the fullest in has been in over 14 years and it did rain every day we were there.

The lodgings were very nice and all of our meals were included in a package deal which was good however we are not used to eating 3 meals per day but of course if you have paid you must eat right? We had driven our own 4 wheel drive trucks (4x4 a must) so with the help of a map away we went. Up close and personal was our experience with Pelicans by the 1,000’s, Flamingos, many other birds to numerous to list, Water buck, Thompson gazelles, Grants gazelles, Impala’s, Cape buffalo, Wart hogs, Oryx, Rhino, Zebra, Baboons, a few different types of Monkeys, Giraffes (Sharon’s favorite), some of our group saw a Leopard, Hyenas, and a very large Python, the high light were the Lions and to see them actually hunt down and kill a large Cape Buffalo which one of the Brothers was able to film with his video camera. He is making us all a copy on a disc. Sunday we had a sacrament meeting all together. The sacrament was blessed and served to all and we sang and shared. Most all were crying. The spirit was wonderful. It was a great experience to be the other missionaries and hear what kind of experiences they are having. It is good to know that so many people are willing to leave their homes to help in many different parts of the world not just here in Africa. Taking three days off was fun but it is good to be home and ready to resume our assignment.

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Don Tucker said...

Are zebra's born light and darken as they get older?

The pictures are all wonderful.