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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 25, 2011

Every day the roads are busy. We pray every morning for safety and we really have been blessed. Sundays are good mornings to leave town because we can drive right out of town the traffic is very light. There are always new accidents. Trucks turned over or trucks with broken axles and many flat tires. They do not move them off the road. We have seen men changing engines and transmissions right in the middle of the highway and take two or three days to get the trucks moving.

Today was Kyambeke’s branch conference they had painted the building inside and out the favorite color here is a light blue. Many families had their pictures taken for a branch history book. They are excited to write life stories and have a history of the growth and development of the branch. The branch presidency, relief society and elders quorum were reorganized and a new branch mission leader was sustained. Seven men were advanced to the Melchizedek priesthood one father was able to ordain his son right after he was ordained an elder himself. He gave his son a wonderful blessing. His wife is also taking lessons from the missionaries.

President and Sister Broadbent were there today along with their son David and his wife Jodi.

The people are all talking of the rainy season which is to come from late October thru December at least that is the most popular time frame mentioned. The gardens need to be planted it is interesting to hear their different opinions about exactly when or how to plant. The main crop is maze which is corn at home. All of the farm work is done by hand with a large hoe used for tilling. The gardens are terraced onto the hill sides just like the farmers at home each one does a little different.

Sometimes your emotions get the best of you and you just need a little cry even while serving with your best friend and wife. Home is home and occasionally you just miss home. We are doing the right thing for the right reason in the right place and this is the right time for us. We both know and have testimonies of a God who loves us and our Savior Jesus Christ. Our faith will prevail and make us whole. Dad

We see wrecks daily
Pictures of Elder Olsen from College Ward, Utah. He only has 10 days left in the mission field. His shirts are very yellow and way to little, his pants might not make it off the plane they are so thread barren. I had to take a picture. One elder teased him that he must have sat around a lot, He was really a great Elder!

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Gloria Ballard said...

Love the blog, it is so informative. I love seeing the gospel grow through your efforts. You are in inspiration! Say hello to the Broadbents for us.