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Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

We slept well last night and got up to cleaned our flat which is weird because Consalota our cleaning lady came at 8:00. This is for Angela; She changed the two beds, washed the linens and the rugs. Cleaned both bathrooms and mopped all the floors through-out the flat, dusted, cleaned the kitchen scrubbed the filter towers cleaned the CD player, scrubbed all the light switches and the base boards. Then Dad took out our big living room rug in the parking lot and she scrubbed that, cleaned the basket-woven end tables outside and brought them in. Cleaned the Laundry porch and wiped off the washer and dryer and her price was for the day was 1500 shillings or $16.75. That is good for her and she is very happy. She is a member of the church and they like us to help them. Honest that is the going price. Dad and I mostly cleaned out the filing cabinets and got a list for the branches of supplies we need to take up to them. We cleaned up and went to the mission office to pick up those supplies then off to Nuka matt for groceries. When we came home I made some fresh Italian vegetable soup with pasta. We enjoyed it a lot. The power went out and it rained hard for quite a while. (The rug that was drying is now soaking on the line outside).

Tonight we go to the Nevins for Home Evening.


Don Tucker said...

I too found your blog with the pictures. I'm so proud of the attitude you are showing. Bruce, when you return, you'll be able to drive rush hour in DC. Sharon, I like your hair! The pictures are great. You are in our prayers each day.


Shawn Tucker said...

I am so happy for both of you! You are amazing examples of love, service, and faith.