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Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011

Late last night (mostly by accident) we were able to Gmail Chat with Lindsey and Addy. How wonderful it was to see them and the kids. And today we were able to chat with Angela and family. Love it Love it. It is hard for Dad to see them all but we still feel closer when we know that we can visit now.

We got up early and were on the road to practice driving some more. We drove to the mission office and back 3 times. I think it helped a lot. At 10 we had an appointment with a ZuKu rep. to come to our flat and sign us up for a month of High Speed Internet. She didn't come until 3. Everyone tells us that the culture is just laid back and don’t count on punctuality ever. I had a little melt down when I realized I can’t get a large barrel curling iron here. They only have small ones that do not heat up very hot. I also have to buy a new flat iron if I decide to. The electricity current is so different here. Sister Tuttle who trained in South Africa said the plugs are even different to what they are in Nairobi. She showed me a drawer of adapters and converters she had collected.

At any rate Angela when you said I would get to the point “that appearance won’t mean so much” I guess it is going to come really soon. I can’t wash and blow dry my hair every day.

City Center Market
City Center parking lot

Scaffolding made of just sticks with netting over it, So scary.

The Byrds took us to the city center and it was screaming amazing. So dirty and different. The market is set up in the middle of all these skyscrapers and dirty gravel parking lots. Caucasians get ripped off at the market so most don’t go there but I asked them if we could just go around a little and see the goods because I knew Dad would never take me there again. They also took us around to some different stores the most common here is called the Amawkamatt which is a large chain of stores in Kenya. They are like a low-class Wal-Mart. That evening we went with the Couples to a restaurant at an expensive hotel. They featured American Food. The food here is so different and hard to enjoy but I am sure we will get desperate enough that it will taste good some day. We went to bed early as it had been a very busy day.

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Chelsie said...

I'm so happy you have this blog. I just got all caught up on your posts...and I'm loving being able to hear how things are going. You 2 are amazing...I love you! -Chelsie Toyn-