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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 8th 2012

Today is the first day we have had to really work at home and get caught up.  This past week we had Relief Society and Branch Presidency training at each branch with our other classes.  In my training I really tried to emphasize how important it is to prepare the families to store some of their harvest.  “Prepare as if there will be a drought next harvest”. The Relief Society President in Kyambeke said “Sister Hall you don’t understand the harvest looks good for January but we only get enough food to feed our families for four to five months.  There is not enough food to save for the next harvest”.    I feel foolish and embarrassed because I really don’t comprehend all their burdens and trials.  In Bruce’s training he focused on reviewing the past year and use it to set goals and plan for the new year.    It was a good week but happy to have a break.  Tomorrow we are headed for Mitini and we will see Primary Program.  

This is Emily's Tailor Shop.  She is teaching Lucy how to sew.  She is holding up a paper blouse she has made.  Emily told me you learn to sew everything with paper first then cloth.  Emily always looks fancy.
This man is plastering and then he hand draws the lines on the wall to make it look like bricks or blocks.  He will do this all around the house.
Posters  advertising our activity with the youth.  Hope it goes well.
Big baptism and great spirit.
This is a Tutut.  Very few found in Nairobi but big in Machokos. Machokos is where we stop for a Chipati each Tuesday on the way to Kilili. 
 Old missionaries leaving us
 New missionaries joining us

Cute sleeping Elders coming into Nairobi for transfers. This ones for you Moms!


The Ballard's said...

I wonder if you will miss the food when you get home. I know how they feel about food storage.

The White's said...

Wow, you did cover a lot. I'm glad you finally got some time to catch up.
I would think sewing with paper would be hard.

Gloria said...

Love the stories and pictures. You have used every minute of your mission to do the Lord's work, what a great example!

Gaylin said...

I know you are soon on your way backnhome but I really want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. It has been wonderful seeing places and faces of Kenya. We are hoping to get there next year to retrieve Elder Hodges.....hope we make it!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey!
Gaylin Hodges

ps. if you know of any other couples who have blogs there in Kenya please let me know!....thanks