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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 30, 2012

 We are happy to welcome a new month but it will be a colder month here in Kenya as this is their winter. The degrees do not vary a lot but it does cause us to get out the small heater and warm up our bedroom before we go to bed. When we go out to the hills we just wear more layers. We are doing well, love our branches and are continuing to progress on our histories that we have collected.

We had family visits this week, again my favorite. We were able to visit three families in Kilili, two in Kyambeke and a large group of Thirty-five members in Mitini. We had regular classes at Ilima this week.

We had a special treat when we went to see Florence and Mithias. It was a far distance to get there but well worth it. When we arrived at their compound the parents greeted us and we were surprised to see eight of their nine children at home. They had asked for special permission to be excused from school for the day (The oldest son is in Nairobi trying to find work). They told us that we were the first missionaries to come to their home and they were so happy. We had a fun visit and read some scriptures and after a prayer and a blessing they announced that there was a meal prepared for us. They had made a very precious sacrifice and killed a chicken, made soup, rice, hot milk, and a banana fresh from their tree outside the house. The older daughter's had prepared the meal and they would not eat until we started to eat. There was such a strong spirit and it was very humbling. I know we say this all the time but it was a very special memory. The father walked down with us to the small market where he has a shoe shop. He was very pleased to show it to us.

While I was getting our pictures developed at the Fuji Shop (I was the only customer) I was able to talk to the shop manager, Finally about the church. I showed him the new "For the Strength of Youth" booklet and we talked as I turned the pages. He just melted and was so focused. Then he asked me if he could have a copy and of course I gave it to him. He then showed me a picture of his daughter and his wife and told me he wanted to share this with his wife. Bruce said when he walked into the shop he could feel the good spirit that was there. They are so ready for the gospel blessings. I hope that I can share more with him another day.

Florence and Mathias homestead and beautiful family 

The daughters prepared the meal including killing and cooking the chicken

Isn't this a great group?  Mitini is such a large branch that we visit in areas and we love to be with them.
Biota and her husband(the older couple) live in a polygamist relationship and can't be baptised but never miss a Sunday. 
Their son Daniel and wife Rose have eleven children.  Families live in groups with separate compounds.  The sons wife joins his family group or area.
Bruce drawing in the dirt explaining a Book of Mormon story to Sister Beatrice who is a young widow with five children.
Sister Elizabeth from Kilili has five children.  She has been blessed with enough money for school fees for second session but is not sure if there will be money for the third session.  

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The White's said...

I'm so glad you share so many of your special moments, and that you include pictures when you can. It makes me feel apart of what you are doing.
I'm glad you went to the family that has never missionaries come. Take a picture of his shop if you go back.
I love you