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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

To catch up on sum of our activities; Last week on Tuesday we attended Zone conference.  Although wedidn’t want to miss our Kilili Branch day, it truly was a spiritual feast and we were so glad we went.  I think we needed that spark.  The testimonies of the young missionaries are so powerful. Just loved it.   We had an opportunity to meet with three of the Kenya pioneer church members that Friday at the mission home and we talked for three hours and settled some conflicting stories and views.   We hurried home to update and change some of the history that had been written.  I’d still like to talk with two other members but not sure how that will happen. I just want it to be as correct as possible. 
We went to the “Ray of Hope Clinic” (where 30-40 babies a born a month to impoverished mothers), delivering blankets and hygiene kits,  attended two baptisms, 1 funeral, and two new baby visits.  These events just add frosting to our weekly branch classes. 

The “Family Class” seems to be encouraging family night success.  We have been getting great responses from the members.  When asked, “Whatchanges have you seen in your family since you started having FHE?”  a father raised his hand and told us that his children no longer feared him and he is now more a part of their lives.  Bruce and I noticed that having family counsel(family business) during FHE was a new concept that they liked.   It has been so rewarding to teach and share with them. 

It’s Sunday evening, after making the trip to the Hills 6 days straight we are ready for “P” Day tomorrow. Bruce the driver, is amazing.
It's bean harvest time in Kilunga Hills. These ladies work so hard. 
I'd like to introduce you to "Sharon Ndinda Boneface" isn't she beautiful? I felt very honored.
This is her family and her home.


Fox said...

hey i forgot about family bus. maybe its becuase no one ever cared about mine. Anyhow Baby Sharon is adorable you should slip her a $10 for having your name. O Josie just asked to hold "baby grandma Sharon"

Fox said...

and I love the pictures of the ladies you should fram the second one that is cool

Don Tucker said...

So cool about Sharon Boneface. Just love the spirit I feel from your pictures and blog.

Don of Karla and Don

Emilee Keyes said...

I, too, would love to hold baby sharon (but she would be wet).. ;)

I love to see all of your adventures and I am so glad that I had the chance to experience the Kenya mission first hand.

Gaylin said...

Dear Halls;
I absolutely love reading your stories and especially the pictures you post!!!! My son is also serving in the KNM! He has not served in your area as of yet....Elder Tyler Hodges
He does not send many pictures so it is wonderful to get a sence of Kenya and its wonderful people through you two. He loves the people and the work. He has been serving in Kitale for the last 5 months...
thank you again for sharing with us the wonderful news of the gospel in Kenya!!!
Gaylin Hodges.... gaylinhodges@netscape.net