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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 1-9, 2012

Bruce’s Entry: The weather is still cool and damp. Many people are sick. We have given many rides to the dispensaries and to the hospital. Even some have had to come into Nairobi for medical attention.  It is so sad as they don’t have proper medical help available out in the Hills and do not have money to pay. 
We have a man that wants us to buy property and live out in the Hills with them permanently. We have told him no before that we have to go home to be released from our mission. He says come back to live. We say no we would miss family and friends. So now he would like us to just rent a place to live until we leave for home. It feels good to be wanted. 
Yesterday we went to a baptism of a man whose parents are going to the temple. He is their oldest son about 50 years but looks to be 70 years old. Anyway they were so happy to see him join the church. I think he is their first of their children to join the church. He has a good testimony of the gospel but not any of his family members came to his baptism. Today Sunday we also attended a baptism for four children of the Kyambeke branch.
We also went and visited a new mother and her new baby. Sharon gave them some of the diapers Grandma Hall had made. They call them napkins the new mother was so happy for the gift. This was her seventh child. Many times when we go to the homes we don't go inside but just sit outside with them but yesterday the father wanted us to come in. The homes are so tiny and humble just mostly dirt floors with rusty tin roofs. The children get so excited to have company. Even the neighboring children and adults come over.  While we were visiting a little girl came and sat by me then just kept rubbing my arm. I think they like the feel of the hair on my arm because their skin is so smooth.
We have actually been to each home from the story of the three little pigs. A home made from grass here (a straw home), sticks and mud home and a brick home (bricks they make from mud and baked). Yesterday the Kyambeke Branch had a project to go help a lady whose house was falling down. They had to go fetch water and carry it to her place. Then they mixed up mud and patched up her walls. I think they also did a bit of roof work because they had some men there. If it would have been wall repair she needed then probably only women would have gone to help. The mother and son and the grandmother had all been sleeping outside on the ground.  We could not go because we were at a baptism for another branch.

Enjoy your week in the land of plenty. It may run out but I hope not. Love Dad
 Elder Sarlo from Farr West baptized Peter who is the first born of Mary and William.
Veronica and George with their seven children
Bruce teaching the children "Here is the church, here is the steeple"

Missionary work going forth with power
Eric shows off his fathers carving of two Masai Men


The Ballard's said...

This post was funny. I loved the "3 little pig" comment. Congratulations on your anniversary. I wanted to comment, but I was having a hard time with my computer. You are a wonderful example of what marriage can be!!

The White's said...

I think it is fun to see Dad playing with the kids.

I love to see pictures of the familys. Sometimes it is hard to guess their age and what one is the Dad or son.