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Friday, June 8, 2012

May 30 - June 6, 2012

Emilee and Maddie came in on Friday night at 9:00 pm. They brought so many wonderful supplies and treats for us. Grandma Hall even sent hand-dipped chocolates, three bottles of jam and sent 75 diapers (for the babies out in the Hills.)

Saturday morning we took them to the Nairobi Game Park for a wild animal adventure. After that we went to the Giraffe Center for an up close and personal experience with the Giraffe's petting, feeding and kissing. We went to lunch, did some shopping and out to a fancy dinner that evening with the other Nairobi mission couples.
Sunday We packed a picnic lunch and took a drive to the mountains to Ilima, up high on a mountain to church. It was Fast Sunday and testimony meeting was very good. In fact we stop at all three branches and introduced them to the members at each branch. Maddie had a young woman's project and brought some baptismal clothes which she donated to Kyambeke Branch and she also collected and brought many eye glasses for the members. All donations were really needed.
Monday We went to the Jogo market mostly sweat shops where the people are just packed into little shops. Then we went to Stephens’s orphanage in the Soweto slum. We all had a great time with the children and even had lunch with them. We ate ugali (like grits) and sukuma wiki (kale). After that the girls all went shopping in downtown Nairobi for souvenirs pretty scary for me. I don't like downtown or the slums. Monday night we had family night with the other couples that live here in the complex where we live.
Tuesday We took the long ride to Kilili to meet and teach our classes.  We had a good turn out and there was a sweet spirit there.
Wednesday  Off to Mitini. After keyboard class, the 3 girls and mom left and rode piki-piki's to a school.  President Kasavi had arranged a visit. They were welcomed and entertained to the max. One boy even came up to Maddie told her she was beautiful then ran away. The Secondary School kids (high school age) sang some great songs and did some great dancing.  Loved it loved it.
Thursday we went to Kyambeke and visited families at their homes Maddie stayed at President Onesmus house and they braided her hair. We had lunch with Onesmus and Angel and their extended family. They provided us with Githeri (beans with corn), Chapatis and some kind of soup with mystery meat in it. We brought cake to share with them and they always love that. Everyone was very tired after four days of travel.
Friday our last day together we went out for breakfast, souvenir shopping in the morning and to the elephant orphanage.  We returned to the flat to pick up luggage, have a bite of lunch, and then off to the airport… AND AWAY THEY GO
Emilee and Maddie's trip was more of an educational experience than a vacation We hope they will keep it in their hearts always

Maddie an Faith at Ilima Branch
Baptismal clothes for Kyambeke Branch. Thanks everyone who donated. 

Kyange School with primary group
 Secondary age boys dancing and they can really move

We wanted Emilee and Maddie to visit the Steven's Orphanage at the Soweto Slums. 
 First to the school to see the students and teachers.
 Then to the dormitory where the students live and had some lunch with them.

Brother Cassim and wife Pauline home
 There were chickens on the table
Emilee picked avocados with brother Cassim
  Boneface and Mary's home
 Maddie stayed to have her hair braided and we went to visit families 
 The final results with Sister Angel who did the braiding. 
 Last minute visit to the Elephant Orphanage.  
This little one is 3 months old, his mother was killed by poachers. Notice the school children in the background. They were so happy and excited!
It's all over but the lasting memories.


The White's said...

O,I have been waiting and waiting for this post! I'm so exited to see all the pictures. I'm so glad they got to meet all of your friends in the 4 branches. what a cool thing!

Jill said...

I am so impressed with how you keep up with your blog!! How amazing to be able to have family come visit! You should have a book put together of your blog once you get home!! Its incredible!

emily ballard said...

I love reading your posts and I think it's just fantastic that Emilee and Maddie got to go visit you.