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Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28 - June 1, 2012

We spent Monday with the Worthen’s serving in Tanzania. We had fun with them after they arrived from the airport.  We didn’t get to go site-seeing only to the Junction Mall for lunch and some shopping, but they are fun and enjoyable to be with.  Tuesday was family visit day at Kilili and we were able to visit 4 homes and it was wonderful.  Sister Beth Minino and I did a little cutting with a sharp curved knife, Pininah and Lawrence’s grandson loved Elder Hall even before he gave him a sweet.  We took a four generation picture of Lawernce, his father, son and grandson. Sister Esther received a blessing and Sister Elizabeth loved her cake (we try to take cake to each family).
Sister Elizabeth with her cake
The "Great Primary Escape"...Some pictures from Mitini Primary; four or five little ones moseyed out of primary and found that it was a lot more fun to play in the dirt. They were having such a great time I had to leave and take a quick picture. So fun, they really should be in nursery but there isn’t one.

We have been  collecting family and personal histories from each of our Branches.  What is most important is each family has a typed copy of their history with a family picture.  Records and history have been lost as no records have been kept and their elders are dying.  We hoped that now the younger children might have needed information to pass down. Kyambeke branch has 38 completed histories most including the husband and the wives history.

Wednesday we had family day at Edward and his newly converted wife Elizabeth home.  There was 35 people there including 5 investigators.  I was able to sit with them and share a discussion on the "Plan of Salvation".  It was the first time that I have been able to teach and bare my testimony of it's truthfulness of the gospel in a missionary setting.  I loved it and I loved their questions.  I have such a testimony of the  Plan of Salvation and it felt like my heart was going to burst.  Bruce gave a spiritual thought on the Articles of Faith and others shared their testimonies.  We had juice and bread for refreshments and it was just a wonderful time.
THEY ARE HERE!!!   It's so wonderful to have Maddie and Emilee here safe. 
What's with all the luggage???  Donations for the Saints in Africa and sweets from Grandma Great.


. said...

Putting a sharp knife on your head doesn't sound like a good idea to me. It is cool to see a picture of Maddie and Em there. It seems so surreal. The histories you are doing are amazing.

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Hey that was Angela

Don Tucker said...

Which ones are Em and Maddie? Were they there in the group photo :>)

Uncle Don

Jill said...

So impressed with the family histories!