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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19th Our Kilili Tuesday

Today we had a Relief Society/Priesthood Activity and included the birthday of Elder Bhala.  When we arrived they had already started cooking.  I was busy getting things out of the truck when Bruce came to me and said, "I don’t think you are going to want to go out there, they have killed a goat to cook today".  When I went out back sure enough there were three fires going, sisters cutting onions, garlic, tomatoes and goat meat.  Goat legs were over by the one fire and the goat head was in the fire being singed so they could scrap the hair off.  Then it went into a pot where it would cook for many hours.  Two men were making the chapatis and which was very different from other branches; (its usually the women) but they were delishhhh.  Sister Phylis was showing the sisters her secrets to making rice pi la (or pilo I am not sure how it is pronounced). They saute onions, garlic, oil, strong seasoning and goat meat.  She cooked it for 1-2 hours and then added water and rice.

While they were cooking, Bruce gave a Priesthood lesson to the men.  About 1:00 we stared to eat.  I have to mention that a large bowl/plate was filled for the children and they sat on the cement in the court yard and all ate from that large plate with their fingers. Everyone really dishes up their plates. They love to eat and love to eat together.  I was trying to be busy frosting the cakes I had brought but they saved me a large plate of rice, soup and goat meat.  Really I just could not eat the meat.  There were all different parts in there and I’m sure I saw liver and large blood vessels, so I just edged my way over to the kids bowl and did a quick swish.  They didn’t even look up, just kept eating. 

After the meal we had traditional dancing and singing, sang Happy Birthday a couple times, ate the banana cake and left for Nairobi about 2:30.   It was a wonderful and fun day of memories that we will never forget.
Yes that is the goat head, singed, scrapped and ready for the cooking pot.  
The goat was bought for 2000ksh or $25 American money.
Sister Phylis sharing her skill, Beatrice adding the oil  
 In Kenya a party isn't a party without chapattis.
 This meal would be expensive for them and saved just for special occasions.
 He loved his cake and all the attention. "Birthday Bhala" was transferred the next day.
Bruce really got into the swing of dancing with Sister Elizabeth and Anna.  
They all just laugh and giggle over him.
 Traditional Dancing and singing  So fun to watch and hear.
These are rhythm shakers worn over your shoulders.  
The older sisters know the dances and take the lead in most of the dances.


Emilee Keyes said...

Meat is bad in Africa ~ so glad I was not there for that. Those children would have had ALOT more meat had I been there. On the other hand I am mad that I missed a party. I would have loved to be there and eat my share of chapattis. ;) (even the rice sounds good)

Jill said...

Are those pop bottle tops?