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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011

We have had a lot of rain in Nairobi and up in the Hills. We are very happy that they are getting rain for their shambas (garden fields) but in the hills the red clay becomes greasy to drive on and the mud gets deep. We have bought some black chore boots to walk in and when we get to the church we put them in plastic bags and put on our other shoes.

They need a good dose of sun now to help those seeds start growing. Our classes are about the same for each branch; keyboard, teacher development, priesthood class, and temple class. The best part of the week is the time we spend with the members. I probably have said that before but I’m pretty sure I will say it again many times.

The long drives up and back are very wearing but it makes it worth it when you visit with the people. Bruce spelled a word wrong on the board and Lucy said in broken English “They have spoken English since they were born and they still can’t spell it” She is just amazing and preparing for a mission. She was baptized a year ago.

The pictures show two new elders we were blessed with for this transfer. Also the missionaries finally were able to move into their flat at Kilili and they are so full of energy and enthusiasm. Elder Khamalo is 26 and has an engineering degree. He came from Durban, South Africa, he is very smart, serious and has a great testimony. It is so pleasing if you can get him to giggle or smile. Elder Pocock is from Idaho and may be a new missionary but he is well trained and focused and always has a smile and a twinkle in his eyes. We love all our Elders, I check on their flats and make sure they have a cake or cookies if they keep it up.

We are preparing for a Zone conference in Mombasa the first week of November. It is 6-7 hours of driving away but I think it will be fun and we will be staying two nights with the Scotts. They are a very fun couple and a joy to be around.

The week-end of the 29th, they are having a big training here in Nairobi for the Priesthood. The big names are coming in for it. Elder Neilson and many of the area leaders will be here. The couples are fixing a luncheon for them on Saturday afternoon, but we are not invited to attend. We will get to hear them speak on Sunday.

We really appreciate your prayers and support, please don’t stop. Thanks so much

These are two new Elders, (Jackson from America and Rocotulala from Madagascar) that were just assignment to the Kilunga Hills area, standing with Elder Mpahlele. We are excited to get to work with them.

Taken along the road, vultures eating a camel.

Another Truck wreck, happens everyday

The truck slid down off the road blocking it. We had to pay them (they wanted liquor) to dig out the road so we could get by.

We went to Kikoko to visit the Matua family. It was raining quite hard but it just added to a wonderful experience. We love these people. They made us hot milk and we sat and visited. There are many families that are all related and live on the hillside there. It is very beautiful.

Justus, a return missionary loved Bruce's coat and wanted to trade but it just didn't work out

These sister plus 3 more and one man, came to clean the church they are so good to follow through with that assignment in all the branches we go to. Bruce had them singing "Put your shoulder to the wheel"

These children walked with us up to the Ilima Church. It was very rainy and as you can see one has a green plastic bag on her head. They are so funny and love to carry anything you are holding. I fell on the road on my bottom and my skirt was muddy with red clay. It dried out and was a funny story to share with the members. The primary program was wonderful. They love to sing and they knew their parts so well. Primary is the same all over the world.

Along the roads that are so crowded and bogged up allowing people to sell everything. This lady is selling bananas but the man facing her was selling sun glasses. Our favorite is when they sell Scrabble Games.


Emilee Keyes said...

Thanks for the update, even without the pictures I love to read how things are in Africa. I love you both. We will pray for sun and for your safety. I hope to chat this Saturday. Love, Em

bvcottle said...

I wonder if Bruce would dive into those vultures if they were eating a plate of chocolate chip cookies.