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Monday, October 24, 2011

October 21, 2011

Yesterday the Elders called at 6:40 and told us it had rained hard all night in the Hills and most of the morning so not to come. We felt bad because it left us with a day with nothing to do. Now that may sound great but here it is terrible, boring, and depressing. Luckily another couple invited us to go with them to the Stake Center in Bura Bura and we stopped at this market where they make and sell clothing articles, purses, backpacks, soccer balls and much more. Also known as the "The Sweat Shops". It is a fire waiting to happen, so crowded. The shops are cramped together, three stories high and a very rickety and old building. The lighting is very poor. I'll put some pictures on the blog. Anyway I love that kind of adventure but Bruce doesn't so I was happy the Byrd’s took us. They are so fun and adventurous. We will sure miss them when they leave in November.
Man hand sewing a soccer ball and the soccer balls ready to sell.

Making patterns for dress makers, the paper garments in the background are actually patterns. Some women are in training learning to use the machines.
Men loaded up and taken to areas for work. Nearly 100 in each load, just happy to have a job for the day.
Sweat shops
Blades being sharpened using bike power. Children playing outside the shops.

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Emilee Keyes said...

I just want to give those kids a squeeze. They are all so cute. I am glad that you were able to find something to do with your day off. It looks like quite an adventure. I am sure that there are times your experiences seem surreal. I love you, thank you for the update.