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Monday, October 3, 2011

September 29, 2011

We were able to go out with the Mitini missionaries to visit the members. On our way we took a quick picture of some horses. Dad was happy that Kenya has some horses although rare. Once out to Mitini we visited Anthony and Angelina,and family. She has been very sick and had to go to the hospital but is home now. We visited with them, their mothers, and local neighbors Pius and Christine (They are in our temple class).

I took a try at carrying a bundle of sticks like the women do with a strap on their back and head. I could not even begin to pick it up. Dad and Anthony together picked it up as I put the strap to my head. Oh my goodness I thought I was going to fall backwards and they had not even put all the weight on my back. I do not know how they can do it! I am amazed at their strength and endurance. Men never carry these loads. It is a women work!

After a good visit, a sweet message and prayer we headed back up the hill. We drove to Sister Jennifer’s home in Zucchni. She is the sister that walks two hours to church and two hours home. It was getting late by then so we made our last visit to see Sister Rose who had a new baby. Her children would not come out to see us they were very shy or scared. We brought her a blanket and held little Faith for a few minutes.

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oops! said...

I Love reading your blog - what a mission!