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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kyambeke branch had their branch Christmas Party on Thursday.  Every auxiliary presented but the Relief Society put on a play and it was just hilarious and I just have to share.

This is King Herod and his guards with a sheep before they entered the church.
The Angel appearing to the Shepherds (notice the sheep)
The Wise Men being led by the Star (flashlight)
The Wise Men greeting Baby Jesus
Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus with Sister Bernice doing the narration

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012

For family night the couples put together 10 beautiful plates of Christmas treats and took them around to different apartments close by.  We sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and handed them the plates.  It was so fun and the response was wonderful.  One lady came to the door with a shower cap and a big towel wrapped around her and she said "Oh don't go away I'll be back".  She came back quickly all dressed and was so happy with the plate and the visit.  Oh it was just fun and we all laughed.  I bet it was quite a sight for them to open their door and see 12 white people and singing no less.    
Sister Harris is  one of three artists serving mission with their spouse.  She painted the pictures hanging on the wall and she also made all the cards we took around for Christmas.  She is very talented and just as sweet.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 8th 2012

Today is the first day we have had to really work at home and get caught up.  This past week we had Relief Society and Branch Presidency training at each branch with our other classes.  In my training I really tried to emphasize how important it is to prepare the families to store some of their harvest.  “Prepare as if there will be a drought next harvest”. The Relief Society President in Kyambeke said “Sister Hall you don’t understand the harvest looks good for January but we only get enough food to feed our families for four to five months.  There is not enough food to save for the next harvest”.    I feel foolish and embarrassed because I really don’t comprehend all their burdens and trials.  In Bruce’s training he focused on reviewing the past year and use it to set goals and plan for the new year.    It was a good week but happy to have a break.  Tomorrow we are headed for Mitini and we will see Primary Program.  

This is Emily's Tailor Shop.  She is teaching Lucy how to sew.  She is holding up a paper blouse she has made.  Emily told me you learn to sew everything with paper first then cloth.  Emily always looks fancy.
This man is plastering and then he hand draws the lines on the wall to make it look like bricks or blocks.  He will do this all around the house.
Posters  advertising our activity with the youth.  Hope it goes well.
Big baptism and great spirit.
This is a Tutut.  Very few found in Nairobi but big in Machokos. Machokos is where we stop for a Chipati each Tuesday on the way to Kilili. 
 Old missionaries leaving us
 New missionaries joining us

Cute sleeping Elders coming into Nairobi for transfers. This ones for you Moms!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

The last of November was family visits and again it was a priceless experience.  We treasure these memories.  We did a lot of climbing up the mountainside and I think I’m getting stronger.  Each day, the weather was pleasant and coolish and that helped.  We would come home very tired and happy when it was time to climb into bed.  Saturday we again traveled out to the Hills for the baptism of five youth and nine adults (from three branches).   The men, who were baptized, speak English and will be such an added force to their area.  Wow it is growing so fast.  I just get so happy and the spirit is strong at these meetings.  Our Elders are just the best.  Transfers were Saturday and although we are losing four wonderful elders, we are also gaining four more and this will be the group of elders that we will spend Christmas with out in the Hills.  It will be an amazing day. 

We had a special surprise last Friday when Johannesburg Temple sent an email to the office saying because of  a cancellation there was an opening December 27th for the Mitini/Kyambeke Temple Group.  So we must quickly apply for Visa’s and get the family histories updated.  I am elated and Bruce is pretty overwhelmed but we both know it is a blessing that will conclude our mission.  
Members from Ilima picking up their relief food at the Kyambeke Chapel.  Athough they had to carry it up steep hills to their homes, they we so happy to get food.
 These are the four future missionaries waiting for their calls.

Some of our favorite family visit pictures in November