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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scream!  Emilee and Maddie will be here very soooooon!

This is a Matatu/bus with a coffin on top.  They are heading for a funeral. The bodies can't be released from the mortuary until all fees are paid.
We have returned from one of the nicest baptisms. The Elders were very prepared and ready well before 10:00. Although we had to wait over an hour, many came to support the baptism. There were two baptismal candidates, one man from Kikok the other from Kyambeke. The wives are members and have been waiting for this day. They were very happy. The new converts bore their testimonies and the spirit was very strong. It was a very nice day.  This is a picture of Marrium and her new member husband, Stanley.
At Kilili I am still working with Michael who is blind but desires to play the church songs on the keyboard.  His wife Stella is also investigating the church and she thinks our meetings are boring because we don’t sing and dance and the church speakers talk in quiet voices, causing her to sleep.  She is a cute young mother of a baby boy named Samuel. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We had the opportunity to go to a place called "Bomas"  which is a combination of villages built to show people the different life style of the most common tribes here in Kenya.
If you go at the right time 3:00-5:00 they have people in each village to tell you about their culture and food.  We went at 11:00 so we missed out but  plan to go back and have dinner and see some native dancing.

Two fun Masai Mara tribes men.  You can't take their picture without paying.
President Obama's father was from the  Luo Tribe  our people are from the Komba Tribe
Huts were made from mud, dung, and sticks with grass weavings for a roof.  Some tribes would decorate them.
Just had to show you the huge avocados here.  The only trouble is. . .they ripen all at the same time.
Just a few prices we are paying here in Nairobi
Diesel is $5.25 a gallon
American Cereal $10-12 Dollars a box when we can find it.
Tuna $2.75 a can
Mayonnaise  $6.50 a bottle
Butter $5.00 lb
Peanut butter $10.00 a bottle when you can find it. 
Elder and Sister Olsen heading  for the mission office. 
They put in many long hours.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16, 2012

Just a mid-week entry to share some pictures from Nivasha.  
It took about one and a half hours to drive to the area.  Holmes (wonderful missionary couple from Ogden) showed us around and took us to the lake where there were thousands of beautiful flamingos. The beach had a pink haze as the flamingos walked about. It was such a beautiful sight.

Sylvester a young husband and father, is a return missionary, educated and recently employed in Nivasha.  He and his wife contacted President Broadbent and told him there were many who were interested in the church.  In November a group was formed and last Sunday there were 90 investigators, one set of Elders and Holmes in attendance.  Priesthood classes are being taught and with this progress they will soon make a request for a branch.  
This was a fun day we share with Elder and Sister Olsen; we loved it, and they drove!
Brother and Sister Sylvester pioneers of the church in Nivasha
 Flamingo's at Lake Nivasha

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 7-12, 2012

Casey's birthday was Monday Sure love ya son. 
We were happy to see Francis and Sarah’s new baby boy this Wednesday.   It seems like it took forever for this little one to get here.  I love baby visits.  Just holding them and looking at their faces, they have beautiful babies.  Bruce was surprised that Francis wanted him to choose a name for his son.  So after a few days he came up with Thomas after our prophet.  I took out some little boy clothes but I don’t think they will last long.  He was so big and healthy.
Francis now has three sons and five daughters.  Although he had a wife previous to Sarah, he and Sarah have been sealed in the temple and this is the first child to be born in the covenant in the Mitini Branch.
 We transported two missionaries into Nairobi and two new missionaries out to Kilunga Hills. They are courageous and we have a lot of respect for them. 

Elder Pocock with Elder Sarlo.  Elder Sarlo is from Farr West so I'm putting this on for his Momma.  I hear she is checking the blog!  Brother and Sister Sarlo he is a real keeper 
We now have two Idaho Spuds as Assistance at the KNM Mission office. Elder Raymond and Elder Pocock. Great Elders
With transfers came smiles and tears. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 29 - May 6, 2012

It’s Sunday evening and we have to admit we are relieved that this week has come to an end.  The traffic has been especially bad and we have spent many hours (2-3 hours, three nights in a row) stuck on the roads once we get into Nairobi. The increase in rain for some reason ignites the traffic into a “hot mess”.  Bruce is not allowed to roll down the window even when he is justified in being angry.  It takes so much patience to stay in control when people start passing you up on the curb and sidewalk to get ahead. I’ll just change the subject because it’s  hard to comprehend.

We had great visits with our branches, good attendance despite the rain.  The ground is so water-soaked that there are slides of dirt and trees coming down into the dirt roads.  We made it though and we love it when we get there.  On Saturday . . . yup you guessed it . . . another baptism.  This week it was the Ilima branch that had 13 youth and 2 adults baptized.  Great testimonies were shared by many of the new converts.  Oh and on Sunday we were able to give Claire her Keyboard.  She is a returned missionary and plays often at the Kyambeke branch.

I must say that my favorite part of this week was teaching the young women and their leaders a new song, “Guardians of Virtue” They just love it, of course they just love to sing. There has been such a great spirit and they all want to take home a copy of the words.  Now the young men want to sing it too.  We plan to sing it at our Youth Conference this August with all four branches. Sweet!  

Claire received her Keyboard she is a return missionary and plays for the branch often.
Baptism at Ilima with our wonderful missionaries.  So sad Elder Patten is leaving for Tanzania
This young man wanted a better view of the baptism and climbed a tree.
The feet up in the Hills would have to be so hard.  They walk up and down not only rocky roads but hills, old and young alike.